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Skruff Bites 1 & 2 ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 9, 2008

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Jailhouse Rock:  String ‘Em Up: Hobgoblin: What Would Jesus Gay? Car Trouble

"The British Consulate officials are a joke. They just threw me leaflets and that was that. This is ridiculous. I must have forgotten the spliff. It was a small amount. Back home I would not even get prosecuted." (

Jailed in Dubai  (and facing a 4 year sentence) drum & bass DJ Grooverider says he wants to get out of the UAE as quickly as possible ‘and never come back’.


"Both Mr Thatcher and Mrs Thatcher had to be released from bondage on different occasions."

A ‘British consulate official’ describes how notorious British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher got stuck in the toilet at the luxury 5 star Warwick Hotel, Texas in 1977 (in just published secret files).


“The opposite of metrosexual; one who cares little for their own appearance.”

Delaware News Online notes the rise of new demographic buzz word ‘hobosexual’.


"I believe that a 33-year-old unmarried rabbi living in Israel, in the time that he was living and having a favourite friend among the apostles called John, was quite clearly a gay man. Christ, if he were alive today, would be on the parade with us, on the side of the underprivileged, not standing superciliously at the side looking on." (

Ulster politician P A MacLochlainn from the DUP suggests Jesus would have been an active support of Northern Ireland’s Gay Pride march,


“Motorists under the influence of ecstacy have excellent "weaving" driving skills but are no good at judging distances whereas methamphetamine users are careless and irritable drivers.” (Telegraph, Australia)

A new study of young Australian drivers reveals that 40% admit to driving after using E.

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: Skrufff Bites (2)
Where Is The Love? Oaken-sold: No Rave: In The Ghetto: Gun-Law

“Since many dates connected with the 2008 European Football Championship, including music festivals, events, fairs, etc. have not yet been definitively set, we are now testing several dates for the Loveparade so that there will be no scheduling conflicts.” (

Organisers for this year’s Dortmund Love Parade explain they’re holding off on confirming dates until February.


“I’m really excited to have this new face to the label which is going to open the door for a lot of upcoming, talented artists and producers. It feels like we’ve had so much great music locked away for a while and now we have the chance to unleash it.” (press release)

Paul Oakenfold announces he’s launching a digital side to his long running pop-trance label Perfecto.


"Nu-rave": Really? Were a few glowsticks at Klaxons gigs all it took to lazily crown a new musical movement? The Happy Mondays notwithstanding, I don't recall the "old rave" involving so much loud, lame rock.” (Toronto Star)

Canadian music journo Ben Rayner puts another rusty media nail in last year’s next big thing.


” When you grow up in that poverty you need someone to guide you, and I had that someone. I was put away as a teenager and it was tough. If I hadn’t hooked up with this guy I’d probably still be in that life, selling drugs or whatever.”  (Go Magazine, Holland)

New York house head Sandy Rivera pays tribute to his teenage mentor.


“We have been working closely with London's clubs and DJs to ensure nightclubs have appropriate security for the extended party season. If the public are not being searched at the door, the club could be leaving itself vulnerable and allowing weapons into the premises. In past years, we have seen innocent people caught in the crossfire in nightclubs.” (Standard)

Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Ball, head of Operation Trident, reveals his team are signing up DJs to tackle growing gun crime in London clubland.

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Skrufff Top 5 (343) January 4:

1: Dave Gahan- Deeper & Deeper: Sebastien Leger mix

Take Your Pills electro-tech star Sebastien Leger polishes Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan’s new single into a glittering, dazzling rock hard gem, offering instant gratification and 9 minutes of glorious non stop erotic dancing fun. An anthem.

2: Presets- My People (D.I.M. Mix)

Dirty, filthy twisted and fine, D.I.M’s remix of Modular favourites the Presets is
rocking electro-tech madness of the highest order. Slamming and super.

3: Dusty Kid: The Twister

Another year another Dusty Kid review as the ridiculously talented Italian stallion retraces his techno roots and drops a bomb of nuclear proportions. Catchy, quirky, hard as nails and hot, hot hot.

4: Sonny J- Enfant Terrible: (Riton Re-dub)

London remixer supreme Henry Riton turns up trumps again reworking Sonny J’s new single into a typically energetic bass heavy dance floor smasher.  

5: Fred Hush: Definition
(Kill The DJ)

Ivan Smagghe endorsed Frenchman Fred Hush steps up to the plate with a stripped down mood enhancing slice of electro that catches the attention and grows and grows. Jennifer Cardini remixes but fails to improve on the original. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio: next show: Saturday January 19: midnight GMT)

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