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London Club Chief Says Start Snitching ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 14, 2008

London police shut four clubs over Christmas and set up roadblocks to catch gunmen travelling to venues, the Standard reported this week, preventing any club related shootings for the first time in four years.

The tactics emerged days after Operation Trident leader Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Ball revealed cops also worked with DJs over the holiday period after 26 teenagers were murdered on London streets in 2007.

Love organization chief Otiz F Angel, who quit his own gang life in the 80s to devote himself to rave culture, told Skrufff he backed DJs and clubs co-operating with police despite agreeing that snitches ‘or rats or grasses, as they were known, have always been looked upon as dog shit, no matter what.”

“Coming from a criminal past I’ve never agreed with snitching; there have been times when I was no saint and I wouldn’t have liked it if it had happened to me,” Otiz stressed.

“But in cases where innocent people are hurt, families torn apart and ‘bullet boys’ are parading around our streets looking for innocent victims, kids, to kill, stopping them is not snitching, stopping them is justice,” he declared.

The nowadays global club entrepreneur and author wrote extensively about his delinquent past growing up on the mean streets of North-East London in his recently published autobiography ‘Rave Story’ though said today’s gangs are completely different.

“Back in the day, most snitches would give up someone who was committing robberies, thefts, or extortion, and occasionally you would hear of someone snitching about a murder, but there was usually two sides to the story. The people involved would often be equally matched and both dangerous, Bad Bwoy vs Bad Bwoy. Although someone’s family and loved ones would suffer, there was still a feeling of ‘If you stay out of trouble it won’t happen to you.’ A loose code, but a code nevertheless,” he recalled.
“A couple of million ‘gangster rap’ videos later and things have changed. The young ‘hoodie’ culture is rampant in the inner cities. For a few, money has become God and the unwritten street laws of yesteryear now mean nothing. Hundreds of young wannabe G’s live out a gun based ‘virtual reality’ like a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ session, in a psychotic attempt to show off to a few other f**kers hyped up on drama,” he stormed.
“For these hooded sheep, thoughts like respect, reason and compassion are replaced by bare ignorance, desperately imitating some shit lyrics they heard in a gangster rap track.”

“As a club owner myself, I watch my security continually have to deal with this stupid, childish ‘Look at me – I’m bad!’ buzz,” Angel continued.
“The most f**ked-up issue is that in so many cases, these death peddlers are as young as 14 and rarely over 23; proper youths still.  So here you have it, a ‘young blood’ who knows nothing much, carrying a gun in a bid to be respected by other idiots who are totally misguided themselves, so of course it’s not long before a stupid argument, disagreement, a girl or even a careless sideways glance, ends up with some innocent kid fighting for their life, or dead.
Question is, “What then?” In most cases the shooter runs around telling everybody he shot someone and how hard he is. Like a baby screaming for attention, they try to acquire the infamy they so badly crave by taking a precious life. Others hear about it; most don’t agree with it at all; but now there’s a sudden re-emergence of ‘the code’ as everyone gives it the “No! I can’t do nothing. I’m not a snitch, am I?” line”.

“That’s ridiculous,” he added, “These kids have to be stopped.”

"Be real. Stand together. Defend our children. Defend our streets, by any means necessary even if that means reporting the perpetrators,” Angel added.

Fun-Da-Mental frontman Dave Watts encountered the same attitude when he was seriously injured in a road rage attack in Harlesden, West London in 2004, by a driver who fled the scene laughing.

“A lot of people saw what happened but lots didn’t want to talk to the police, even people that I know, shopkeepers who I’ve talked to for years from going into their shops, wouldn’t say anything,” Dave told Skrufff at the time.

“I’m really f**king disillusioned with some people,” he added, “They give you all that brotherly love shit then when something like this happens you see they’re just out for themselves, especially with this issue of the police. At the end of the day, you need the police in society. If somebody f**ks you up, who you gonna’ call? When someone burgles your house are you gonna’ call a rapper or the police?” he added.

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