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Cooking & Club Culture’s Evolutionary Secret ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 14, 2008

Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangham declared that humans learning to cook was the key turning point in human evolution this week, suggesting the skill meant humans could survive on the ground (with fire) and enjoy leisure time.

"I used to think that human origins were explained by meat-eating,” he said (answering the Edge’s latest question to geniuses of ‘what have you changed your mind about?’)

 "But in a rethinking of conventional wisdom I now think that cooking was the major advance that turned ape into human,” he suggested.

 “Cooked food is the signature feature of human diet. It not only makes our food safe and easy to eat, but it also grants us large amounts of energy compared to a raw diet, obviating the need to ingest big meals. Cooking softens food too, thereby making eating so speedy that as eaters of cooked food, we are granted many extra hours of free time every day."

His findings shed light of the mindsets of key acid house pioneers Danny Ramplimg and (former chef) Paul Oakenfold both of whom are renowned for their passion for fine cuisine. Speaking to the BBC several years ago, Danny was asked what he’d do if he wasn’t a DJ, replying ‘I would be a chef for a living.’  And (temporarily) retiring from the decks two years ago he immediately announced ambitious (subsequently put on ice) plans to open a restaurant.

“Over the years of playing around the world, I have been fortunate in developing a taste for fine wines and modern eclectic cuisine. Many of my friends are chefs and wine importers and the passion and enthusiasm I have for this has made me take the decision to bow out at the top and open a restaurant in central London next year,” Danny told Skrufff.

“It’s very exciting in getting closer to the realisation of another dream of being a restaurateur,” he added.

Rising stars the Karoshi Bros also admitted to being obsessed with food this week, with Sam loving Dim Sum and Dan living on a rigid diet of ‘8 bananas a day, fruity porridge, dates, and his own concoction of crazy chai’

“We both also once did the lemonade diet as a detox solution, which consists of consuming nothing but drinks of hot water, lemon juice (no pith), maple syrup and cayenne pepper (all organic of course). Plus, every morning you flush with a pint of salty hot water which literally goes straight through,” said Sam.

“You also go slightly insane and realise how important meals are to giving the day some kind of structure,” he added.

Karoshi Bros- Love The World is out now on Woodville.

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