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Raving Madness In South Africa & Kings Lynn ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 14, 2008

Organised robbers plundered tents at South Africa’s annual Prism Rezonance four-day New Year's Eve Rav, the Cape Argus reported this week, with some revellers claiming event staff had been involved.

"It was terrible," Lucy Demaid, 19, who lost all her possessions, told the paper, “We went there to have fun and to party and then this happens. It's pathetic. We had such a good time at the concert, but to whoever has stolen our cellphones, make-up and clothes, I hope they rot in hell,” she added.

Meanwhile in England, Kings Lynn ‘infuriated farmer’ Jeremy Mason warned that ‘it will not be long before a strung-out farmer snaps and hurts someone’ as he surveyed the aftermath of an 800 strong unauthorised New Year’s Eve rave at a barn on his land.

"There were people smashed out of their heads wandering around my turkey units like zombies,” he told Kings Lynn news.

"It's absolutely horrendous and makes you feel you are not safe in your own home,” he added, “It's frightening being surrounded by 20 or 30 of these dreadlocked, blasted-out-of-their-heads idiots."

In more party news, Australian columnist Charles Miranda paid tribute to Prince Harry this week, after the bad boy royal was voted ‘the biggest party animal in London.’

“Prince Harry has made it,” Miranda wrote in the (Australian) Daily Telegraph.

“It was touch and go for a while, with strong competition from William. He had two hands on the throne (of the porcelain variety) but Harry spewed, staggered and vodka-snorted his way to the top of the A-list poll revealed in British tabloids this week,” he cheered, “Harry eventually elbowed into second that tattooed teeth-losing, binge drinking, drug-taking Grammy-nominated Amy Winehouse.”

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