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Not So Naughty Naked Germans ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on February 5, 2008

German travel agency launched a new service offering nudist day trips to the Baltic Sea resort of Usedom, this week, with the unique selling point being that all holidaymakers will be able to travel naked on the plane.
Travellers will be allowed to strip as soon as they board though need to get dressed when they land, company owner Enrico Hess told reporters.
"I don't want people to get the wrong idea,” he also stressed, “It's not that we're starting a swinger club in mid-air or something like that. We're a perfectly normal holiday company."
The new holiday package failed to impress Berlin DJ/ producer DJ Naughty who told Skrufff he’s generally ambiguous about going naked.
“I don’t really visit nudist resorts, I mostly get naked at steam baths her in Germany though having said that I don’t have a problem going naked where everybody else does it; when i am at a nudist beach, I strip off, sure,” said Naughty.
The Berlin based electro-disco-tech type stressed he’s completely comfortable with nudism apart from when some people get naked and do ugly things in a normal area where you don’t have to be naked.’
“And it’s strange that in some countries it’s considered normal to wear clothes when you’re in a steam bath,” he added, “It’s not really very hygienic is it?” he laughed.