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No Sex Please, You’ve Got Your Socks On ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on February 26, 2008

A new British sex survey published this week revealed that one in five couples never have sex prompting British newspaper the Sun to offer up some much needed advice for inadequate blokes.

As well as advising that asking to call your loved one ‘Angelina’ is probably a passion killer, the notorious tabloid also recommended men to remember that ‘women can orgasm too’ and offered some equally intriguing fashion advice.

“More than 44 per cent of men keep their socks on while they make love,” the Sun said, “You wouldn’t wear a tie to play footie (soccer) so put the same amount of effort in or risk being sent off for good.”

The Sun’s advice conflicted with that of Professor Gert Holstege from Holland’s University of Groningen who in 2005 studied the brains of men and women experiencing orgasms and discovered that 80% of the couples both had orgasms when wearing socks compared to 50% without.

“Women need fear-free sex and men need to be turned on in a tactile way,” Professor Holstege told a conference of scientists, “And wearing socks helps for both,” he explained.

The picture was further clouded, however, by a report in the New Scientist magazine this week by Italian researchers who claim to have found physical proof that the G Spot really exists.

Dr Emmanuele Jannini used ultra-scans to examine the bodies of 9 women who said they’d experiences vaginal orgasms and 11 who hadn’t and reported that she discovered significantly thicker vagina walls on the first group of females.

"For the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has got a G spot or not,” Dr Janini told New Scientist, "Women without any visible evidence of a G-spot cannot have a vaginal orgasm," she added.

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