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Vote for your favourite at SEEME Awards

Reported by Tristan Ingram on May 20, 2008

The nominations for the first SeeMe Awards are in and after going through thousands of entries we can now reveal the top 6 in each category.

Now everyone has the opportunity to vote for winner in the each category. Voting will take place online at the official SeeMe web site / / from the beginning of May to the 1st June.

The winners of each category will be announced at an official ceremony on 7th June, at the newly refurbished Subway Club in front of the central railway station in Sofia. The event will start at 20:00 and take place in a in a specially created, elegant VIP zone.

Straight after the awards will be the official SeeMe party, which will be a musical cocktail of the best electronic music has to offer, spread over 4 stages with dazzling décor.

For additional information you could visit: or .

You decide who is the best! You decide who is the winner!

Let’s See who is the best! Come to See the best at SeeMe!

Award Categories:

1.Best event


Viva beach /Bulgaria/

Sunwaves /Romania/

Mayday /Hungary/

Taxirat /Macedonia/

The Garden Festival /Croatia/

2.Best DJ


Doncho /Bulgaria/

Lubo Ursini /Bulgaria/

Radu /Romania/

Tash /Greece/

Adrian Eftimie /Romania/

Michael Burian /Czech Republic/


Marco Nastic /Serbia/,

Umek /Slovenia/,

DJ Raresh /Romania/

Sinisa Tamamovic /Bosna/

DJ Steven /Bulgaria/

Spiros Kaloumenos /Greece/


DJ Row /Greece/

DJ Stomas /Serbia/

Peter Wibe /Hungary/

Bushava Azbuka /Macedonia/

DJ Tag / Bulgaria/

DJ Lygos /Romania/


Konspirator /HMSU/

Disthonia, /Greece/

Darko Stepic /Macedonia/

Codex /Serbia/

TRG, /Romania/

Cooh, /Bulgaria/

3.Best track

DJ Take Me Away/Deep zone feat. Balthazar/ Bulgaria,

F**k You/Planet Magic life/Bulgaria,

Livio and Roby – Speranta LP (Viva Music)

Spiros Kaloumenos – Basement EP

Michael Burian - Freakin

Umek - Utopia

4.Best club

Colosseum, /Macedonia/

Yalta /Bulgaria/

Barutana /Serbia/

Crystal /Romania/

Chervilo /Bulgaria/

Cavo Paradiso /Mykonos, Greece/

5.Best label

Vali Records /Romania/

USB Digital/Bulgaria/


Recycled Loops /Umek/Slovenia/

Christian Records /Cristian Paduraru /Romania/

Ellectrica Recordings /Bulgaria/

6.Best dance radio station

Nova /Bulgaria/

Dance Radio /Greece/

Alfa /Bulgaria/

Antenna /Macedonia/

One FM /Romania/

B92 /Serbia/

7.Best TV covering dance music

MAD TV /Greece and Bulgaria/

Antenna 5/Macedonia/

MTV Adria

TOP Channel /Albania/

MM /Bulgaria/

Metropolis TV /Serbia/

8.Best magazine covering dance music

GO /Bulgaria/

Freeze Magazine /Greece/

Urban Bug /Serbia/

Gramophon /Macedonia/

DJ Mag /Ukraine/

Freee magazine /Hungary/

9.Best web site covering dance music /Bulgaria/ /Romania/ /Romania/ /Croatia/ /Greece/

10.Best producer


The Romanian Techno Mafia /Romania/

Livio & Roby /Romania/

Dand G /Harvatska/

Jack Rock /Bulgaria/

Axel Karakasis /Greece/

11.Best promoter

The Mission /Romania/

Metropolis /Bulgaria/


Big Sound /Macedonia/

Exit /Serbia/

Blend /Greece/

12.Best Global DJ

Paul Van Dyk

Sven Vath

Carl Cox

Armin Van Buuren

Richie Hawtin

Deep Dish

13.Best remix

Steven and Jassen Petrov for Gravity Co - Mr. No One

UMEK for Ralph Falcon - The Dig

DJ Doncho for Planet Magic Life – To Fuck

Andrez for Tomas Caturla - Water Lab

Cristian Paduraru for Green Power – Solar Fun (On The Beach)

Livio & Roby for Noir – Super Skunk

14.Upcoming artist

Planet Magic Life /Bulgaria/

The Romanian Techno Mafia /Romania/,

DJ Zon, /Bulgaria/

Iceberg, /Macedonia/

DJ Laylla Dane, /Bulgaria/

Mekonin, /Serbia/