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Monica Kruse’ Perceptions Of Life ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on August 8, 2008

German techno superstar DJ Monica Kruse chatted to Skrufff this week about her upcoming artist album ‘Changes of Perception’ and revealed the record (engineered by Gregor Tresher) is intended as a serious statement of intent.

“Of course it’s a statement, I thought about it a long time because I want to express that I’ve changed a lot, both musically and in terms of how I’m looking at life,” said Monica.

“You get older and hopefully wiser. In terms of musical direction I started with deep and vocal house then after a while my style became harder, while in the last four years it’s been softer again so there’s a change of perception in my musical style which I wanted to express in my producing style,” she continued.

“Then there’s my human side. Over the last few years I’ve found out that I see things differently than I used to, which was an interesting and important experience”

“I’m talking about relationships and the people around me, plus issues such as illness of people close to me. You suddenly recognise what’s important to you: it’s not fame, parties and money, it’s things like family, friends, health, love and happiness,” she said.

The Berlin born/ Bavaria raised techno star (who rivals Sven Vath in popularity terms in Germany) started her career in Munich in 1991 while studying sociology at university and recalled having a very different attitude to music and life.

“When I started DJing I never thought I could make money out of it, 17 years ago you often didn’t get paid, or at least very little,” she laughed, “So after a while when I was thinking about getting a regular job I decided that I would keep on DJing until I was 36. Now I’m 37.”

“I thought that was a good age to have children,” she laughed, explaining the significance of 36, “And no unfortunately I don’t have children now,” she added, “I wish I did, but I have no boyfriend, so I’ll retire if I stop enjoying it, or if I become pregnant, I guess.”

Monika Kruse’s new album ‘Changes of Perception’ is out shortly.

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