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Shoom & Clink Street present: The 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love @ The End!

Reported by Ben Stroud on August 12, 2008

Twenty years ago, a wide eyed Danny Rampling and a mischievous milkman who went on to become Mr C, were helping to lay the ground for the acid house revolution. Although both of them were aware that what they were doing was significant, it’s unlikely that either realised the full extent to which house music culture would captivate the world.

Danny Rampling’s Shoom was one of the most celebrated parties in dance music history – held at a gym in Southwark, and famously started by Rampling after he spent a summer of wild abandon in Ibiza, it introduced thousands of clubbers to house music and lost weekends. At the same time, Mr C, alongside Colin Faver, Evil Eddie Richards and Kid Batchelor, was pushing a darker, edgier and truly acid sound at his Clink Street parties.

Two decades on and dance music shows no sign of losing its influence– on the contrary, its ability to absorb new genres and constantly reinvent itself means it never seems to lose its appeal. It’s fitting that now, twenty years on, the spirit of acid house seems to be stronger than ever – with warehouse parties springing up all over the place, and promoters being ever more inventive in their party locations – whether it’s an old shop, a disused council flat or an ex-pubic toilet!

With this in mind, Shoom & Clink Street think it's high to pay homage to two decades of debauchery in the only way they see fit – by throwing a huge party at The End & AKA, and inviting back some of the original acid house pioneers to spin! Mr C will be headlining The End’s main room, joined by Colin Faver, Evil Eddie Richards and Stick. The Lounge is hosted by E Mix, and features Frankie Foncett, Kid Batchelor and Rob Acteson, whilst Shoom takes over AKA with Danny Rampling and Farley & Heller. In the spirit of the night, Mr C has promised he will be playing “oldies all the way – underground 80’s garage, house, acid and techno”, plus entry is acid house prices (£10) all night. Whether you’re reliving your original acid house days or giving yourself a lesson in dance music history, this promises to be a night to remember…

The End & AKA – Saturday 30th August 2008 – Clink St & Shoom present 'The 20th anniversary of the summer of love’ - 2300/0700 – Acid House Prices £10 all night – Advance tickets (£10) available from - Fully licensed bar until close