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Deadly Dance Floor Flirting Threat ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on September 12, 2008

Romanian police have arrested 24 year old female clubber Raluca Radu after she pulled out a gun and fired four shots at an over-amorous sex pest who was hassling her on a nightclub dance floor in Pascani.

"This guy was really coming on strong and being a real pain. She took the gun out of her handbag and let rip,” a witness told reporters, “I doubt anyone will be brave enough to ask her for a dance for a long time,” he added (Ananova).

Romanian producer The Model said he was surprised by the incident, telling Skrufff ‘either the guy was the most frightening Romeo ever or this lady had serious problems’.

“Though I actually i played in that city in May, and, apart from being a really cool party, there were a lot of people there who must have been on something, otherwise I could not explain their hostility towards one another,” he mused, “But guns are very, very rare, this is definitely a one off incident.”

The incident happened just days after Mexican crime prevention expert Jose Carlos Vizcarra warned that clubbers in the Central American country are facing similar risks of flirting related ultra-violence, as a result of the country’s increasingly brutal drug war.

"You have to be more careful with everything these days," Senor Vizcarra told the New York Times. "If you go into a bar and there's a beautiful girl standing alone, you have to think twice about going up to her. Who knows if she's a drug dealer's girlfriend? If he walks in when you're buying her a beer that could be the end of you,” he warned.

Meanwhile in Canada, authorities vowed to re-examine anti-rave laws after one person was shot dead and four wounded at party in Calgary.

Press reports said canny local promoters have stopped applying for rave licenses since ultra-strict licensing requirements were introduced with the shooting party at the Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Centre being booked as ‘a small wedding reception’.

Calgary alderman Andre Chabot told the Calgary Sun that not one promoter had applied for a license since 2006 and said the illicit nature of subsequent parties could facilitate violence.

"The extended dance party bylaw imposes huge requirements and regulations and rather than go through that, I think some people are looking at these smaller community halls and doing it underhandedly," he suggested, "Now we've got these activities going on underground with no police and no regulations,’ he complained.

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