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Nathan Coles On Ibiza’s Wildlife ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 15, 2008

London tech-house stalwart/ Wiggle promoter Nathan Coles chatted to Skrufff this week about the upcoming ‘Wildlife On One’ clubbing day/ night festival at Ibiza’s Old Zoo and revealed that they’ve had no problems from the local council at all.

“Fortunately we didn't have to worry about getting a license, as the venue already has one, so it's happy days,” he laughed.

The upcoming festival (taking place n Wednesday September 24) features six arenas hosted by the likes of Wiggle, Mulletover and Freak N Chic presenting DJs such as Evil Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Jamie Jones and Jo Mills.

“The idea behind the music festival, is exactly what it is, a music festival,” Nathan continued.

“It’s about six underground dance organizations coming together in an old disused zoo, each taking an area and doing their own thing. As far as we are aware there isn't anything like this going on, on the island, on this scale,” he added.

Ticket prices for the event rival Balearic superclubs Pacha and Amnesia though Nathan said he doesn’t think they’re prohibitive.

“It's 50 euros on the door, to try and encourage people to buy their tickets in advance,” he explained. You can buy your ticket, from a ticket agent in
San Antonio or Ibiza town just before you set off to come to Wildlife on One and buy it for 25 euros.”

“We also have a cheap bar, certainly compared to the big clubs that is: it’s euros for a bottle of water, 4 Euros for a Beer and 8 Euros for a spirit & mixer,” Nathan added.

Balearic legend Alfredo, meanwhile, kept up his crusade against high prices on Ibiza, in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

“It is getting to be more for the rich,” he offers. “But I think the rich people there by themselves, will get bored. They need the energy of the people who come there to have the time of their lives,” he suggested.

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