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Louis Osbourne’s Flat Face Fury Theory ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 15, 2008

A study of men’s faces has discovered that mean with broad ‘squat’ faces and chubby cheeks are much more likely to be confrontational than those with slim  faces.

Researchers at Brock University in Ontario, Canada studied thousands of students and ice- hockey players and said they were astounded to discover that ‘the larger the width-to-height ratio of a player’s face, the more aggressive they were.’ (New Scientist)

Broad faced tech-house type turned budding lawyer Louis Osbourne suggested the link could be caused by lack of exercise.

“If one burns off energy by less aggressive means, ie exercise, then maybe that person loses their uptight aggression,” he suggested, “and obviously the more exercise you do, the less chubby one’s cheeks will be, so therefore you’ll be more chilled out,” said Louis.

“I must say I started running again recently and I seem to have gotten a lot more
chilled out,” he added, “However, had I read the article in question whilst in a less physically fit state I'd have probably got all angry any red in the face. And yes I have lost my temper recently, actually today whilst decorating,” he laughed. “It drives me mad!”

However, US psychologist Leslie Zebrowitz from Brandeis University suggested the correlation between anger and face shape could be more linked to round faced ‘baby-faced’ men, who react against their cheeky chappy chubby cheeks.

"Baby-faced men are expected to be warm and weak," she told Live Science Journal, "Surprisingly, I have found that their behavior is opposite to these expectations, something that could be attributed to a 'self-defeating prophecy effect,' whereby babyfaced men overcompensate for social expectations that are unpleasant for young men."

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