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DJ Sasha’s Sensitive Side ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 15, 2008

Prog house/ trance type Sasha chatted to Skrufff this week about his new compilation INVOL2VER and revealed he feels hurt and affected when he comes across negative criticism.

“I’m a sensitive soul, so of course I do,” said Sasha, “I just don’t read the press and I don’t read message boards; I don’t care about that stuff.”

“It does upset whenever anyone sends me an article slagging me off, it just gets to me, so try not to read those either,” he added.

Sasha was responding to a question about a recent article on Balearic portal Ibiza-voice which branded him ‘dull’ for dressing in black, going on to compare him to Queen Victoria.

“That's Queen Victoria, the 19th century British monarch, by the way, renowned for her black attire and discontented temperament,” Ibiza-voice explained, “Of course once DJ God Sasha has never really been your happy-go-lucky, effervescent, Fatboy Slim type of a jock - part of the legend if you ask me - but constantly dressing in black is going a little too far,” they added.

“Slagging me off for wearing black is a bit much, I don’t really care for that,” Sasha responded, “At the moment it’s hiding my beer belly . . . and I’m working on that.”

Sasha- Involver is out now on Global Underground (click below to hear it)

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