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Uganda To Ban Mini-Skirts? ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 19, 2008

Uganda's ethics and integrity minister Nsaba Buturo said wearing miniskirts is ‘like walking naked in the streets’ this week and suggesting outlawing the ‘indecent’ garments could improve road safety in Kampala.

"What's wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an accident because some of our people are weak mentally,” Mr Buturo told reporters.

“If you find a naked person you begin to concentrate on the make-up of that person and yet you are driving," he explained, “These days you hardly know who is a mother from a daughter, they are all naked." (BBC)
His proposal to criminalise miniskirts came as a US judge reversed a Florida ban on sagging trousers, in an unusual victory for civil libertarians in the States. However, Judge Moyle said his revocation only applied as long as saggy pants fans wear knickers, stressing ‘’We're not talking about exposure of buttocks. No’. (BBC)

Both criminalising clothes cases came months after a slew of Italian mayors outlawed bikinis in seaside resorts including Alassio, Diano Marina, Riccione and Amalfi.

The laws were passed under emergency legislation introduced by far right leader Silvio Berlusconi’s government to ‘protect public decency and decorum’, as well as numerous additional fines for crimes including ‘building sandcastles and wearing ‘noisy sandals that make loud flip flop noises’ (Daily Record).

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