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Shanghai Clubland’s China Crisis ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 22, 2008

Top Chinese entertainment portal said Shanghai’s club scene is stagnating this week, declaring themselves ‘pretty bored here at Shanghai Daily Towers.’

“Regular readers will notice we've not mentioned Attica for a while (or our darling Ling, for that matter). Well, as of last weekend, the "superclub" modeled after the Pacha (Ibiza) model breathed its last,” the site’s nightlife crew revealed.

“We have yet to go, but we're told the recently opened Club Sky in the New Factories mimics Attica down to a T,” they added, “We have noticed it that Ferry Corsten will be making an appearance there next weekend - is he even still relevant? But surely if he's here for another big pay out it's a bit of a joke?”

Time Out Beijing editor Tom Pattinson was unsurprised, telling Skrufff ‘Shanghai has sunk a little low in the clubbing stakes this year, mainly because everyone has been focused on Beijing in the run up to the Games’.

“The Olympics put Beijing on the map and now it's time to see if we can steal the party-capital crown from Shanghai,” he continued.

“The Games has given the city a huge shove up the arse and now the gap between Beijing's underground party scene and Shanghai flash the cash, let's-get-naked-on-the-thousand-dollar-minimum-spend-tables party scene has narrowed.”

“Beijing has always been a lot cooler than Shanghai and we don't want to loose that. Shanghai is an elegant girl who sips champagne and Beijing is the rough and reader whisky drinker who's going to take her home,” he laughed.

Tom said Time Out are enthusiastically backing upcoming key events in Beijing include the 2,000 capacity Yen Halloween Fetish party and Diesel's xXx party (featuring performers including Uffie, Bloody Beetroots and Them Jeans) though cautioned that China’s overall club scene remains under-developed.

“Most mega-clubs (read: local) clubs are dominated by top 100 DJs as this is how they market them. No Chinese people have heard of Ferry Corsten, for example, but if you can put No. 6 DJ or whatever on the poster, then people are impressed.”

“In the more intimate international clubs, this is where you see the interesting acts play. This will not change until a major domestic DJing scene develops here. Right now its not even in its infancy, it’s not even a glint in its DJ fathering eye at this stage, so its all about the marketing, nothing to do with the substance,” said Tom.

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