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Dance Like Someone’s Watching Say Debretts ::

Reported by Kris [] on September 26, 2008

Etiquette experts Debretts have published a new gentleman’s guide called which includes surprisingly negative advice on how to behave on the dance floor.

“As the night progresses you may think you're becoming a better dancer, but the opposite is usually true. If you've turned into a sweaty, uncoordinated muddle of flailing limbs it is time to withdraw,” Debrett's A-Z of Modern Manners' advises

“If you are out with one other person don't leave them sitting on the sidelines while you take to the dance floor. They may well be bored by the spectacle of you dancing or, worse still, secretly laughing,” they suggested.

The quintessentially British how-to-be-a-gentleman handbook also advises gentleman seeking romance to ‘keep your dignity and never grovel’ when rejected in love, taking a different tack from relationship psychologist Max Blumberg.

Speaking to Metro newspaper this week about his years of research, Mr Bloomberg instead suggested that most single blokes should pretty much give up, and accept they’re no longer up to scratch for today’s modern woman.
“When men are single, their hygiene levels drop and they don't keep their homes as tidy because they have no one to impress. As a result, it's not a great package,” he explained.

“Women won't touch this kind of man - unless he is particularly good-looking, Then they will have sex with him but it will lead to nothing more,” he predicted.

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