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Reported by Ben Stroud on September 29, 2008

Tailor-Made: Ants in Your Pants: No Sex Police, We’re American: Mouth Wash: Bugged Out:

"Following the success of LCD Soundsystem's '45.33' - the first ever custom track made for runners and Nike+ - we realised there was great potential to work with other EMI artists to create bespoke running tracks.” (CMU)

Austin Wilde, EMI Music Publishing's vice president, explains why the label is launching 30 minute exercise downloads with Simian Mobile Disco and Skream.


"It's amazing to see how popular magic pants have become, considering they were only launched a couple of years ago. I often recommend them to clients." (Daily Record) Personal shopper Angela Poplett comments on a survey revealing that 9 out of 10 English women, out of 1,300 interviewed at Lakeside Shopping Centre, admit to ‘cheating to make themselves look better’.


“If Abstinence Ed Can't Keep Sarah Palin's Daughter Off the Cock, What Hope Is There For Other Kids?” (Village Voice)

Hugely popular sex columnist Dan Savage comments on the fact that the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the GOP's vice-presidential nominee, is pregnant.


"I can't prove it but my theory is that when people only had a bath on Saturday night oral sex was a less attractive prospect.” (Herald Sun, Australia)

Professsor Basil Donovan, a professor of sexual health at the University of NSW commenting on the massive increase in young Australians having oral sex.


"We think that some of the problems result from changing lifestyles: the increasing amount of foreign travellers returning home with second-hand clothes and furniture is a major source of the problem.” (The Guardian)

Professor Mike Potteran, an urban entomologist at the University of Kentucky, speaking after figures emerged that bed bug infestations in the UK have risen by 40% in the last 12 months.


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