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Shoreditch’s Cube Slams Square Hoxton Triangle ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 17, 2008

Ben ‘Fat Trucker’ Rymer chatted to Skrufff about his new Saturday night party at Shoreditch basement club the Cube this week and revealed that he’s deeply unimpressed with the state of night-life in the nearby Hoxton Triangle.

“It's carnage there, to be honest,” said Ben, “The good thing about the Tabernacle (the home of the Cube) is that it’s out of the way so we don't get the girl gangs of hen nights walking straight into the club out of Old Street tube.”

He also had short shrift for Hackney Council who in recent years have clamped down increasingly heavily on many of the area’s best venues.

“They've managed to get rid of anyone with a shred of creativity or imagination and we've ended up with a Leicester Square scenario,” said Ben, “It’s a sea of four day old hot dogs, fighting and copping off” (one night stand style debauchery).

The new venue features a Saturday Night Fever style flashing dancefloor and
regular events from the likes of Steve Strange and female DJ night Freaks and Geeks, with Ben and his DJ partner Crispin Dior’s Saturday night parties aiming for dressed up clubbers.

“We wanted to do something that felt like you were going out for some fun and
glamour for a change,” he explained.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a dingy warehouse up Kingsland Rd as much as the next raver but I felt it'd be nice to have somewhere to go that actually felt like you were going out on the town. The room has got that genius glamorous/tacky crossover and therefore we just felt it was perfect for the disco explosion that seems to have taken place in London,” he said.

Long standing London house label Azuli issued an incendiary press release recently declaring ‘clubland seems to be in turmoil at the moment with big clubs either closing or failing to inspire. Arguably, we’ve forgotten what it was that made clubbing so special’: a stance Ben enthusiastically endorsed.

“Clubbing was never meant to be about queuing endlessly for the cloakroom or toilets. Secret basements were always better. It's all Tony Wilson's fault, without the Hacienda this super club blue print would never have existed,” he laughed.

He also condemned London authorities for failing to tackle the increase of violence in the capital and had a simple message for homophobic clubbers.

“The sooner our night has got the reputation of being gay friendly the better. All the c**nts will stay away and we can just get on with having a good dance,” he said.

The Cube is at the Tabernacle on 55-61 Tabernacle Street, EC2 and is ‘always free’.

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