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Ibiza Brits Not Behaving So Badly ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 23, 2008

Britain’s ambassador to Spain Denise Holt said this week that just a handful of over-excited teenagers cause trouble in Ibiza’s San Antonio each year and said that Britain’s horrific hooligan reputation is grossly exaggerated.

“When you look at the figures, it's amazing how many British people come to
Spain and how little trouble there is,” Ms Holt told the Times, “With 17 million visitors to Spain each year, that's like the entire population going every four years.”

Embassy figures showed just 1,931 Brits were arrested in Spain (a ‘miniscule’ proportion she noted) with 748 hospitalised.

“There is a slightly different attitude towards drugs in Ibiza,” the Ambassador added, “If you get stopped at the airport and it is personal consumption, the police will simply take the drugs.”

The article coincided with the publication of Gary Cross’ new book ‘Men to Boys, The Making of Modern Immaturity’ in which the Pennsylvania State University identified a new tribe of ‘boy men’ at large, doing everything possible to avoid growing up.

“Mocking of convention in celebrations of amoral violent fantasy, crude vulgarity and unrestrained appetite, the boy-man makes a fetish of the ‘cool’,” he suggested, “He turns maturity into a joke, a pitiful loss to be avoided at almost all costs.”

Acclaimed British author Helen Walsh, meanwhile, considered her own passage from 13 year old self confessed drug talking fanatical raver to star adult writer
and admitted becoming a mother to 15 month old son has radically changed her perspective.

"My mother used to say to me when I was a teenager, 'Just you wait till you have kids'. And I used to quip back, 'Well I hope they're just like me, savvy and streetwise and in love with life',” she told the Independent, “Now, I can't think of anything worse than having a mini-me,” she added.

The Independent also published detailed advice for boy-men dreaming of being James Bond this week advising aspiring licenced-to-kill holders to wear smart watches, expensive suits and ‘a cool weekend bag for jet-setting’

“Bond's style sorts the men from the boys,” the paper added.

“The Independent fashion desk can't decide what kind of pants Bond wears – given his irascibility, maybe tight ones. Just ensure that they live up to the rest of your look – get it right, and they definitely won't be "for your eyes only",” they added. (James Bond shooting game) (James Bond sound clips)

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