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Christian Nymphos’ Shameless Sex ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 24, 2008

Evangelical housewives in America have launched an online guide to Biblically approved sex which encourages God-fearing married women to live up to the site’s URL of

“The word ‘Nympho’ has a negative connotation for some. It doesn’t have to stay this way,” the site’s (anonymous) author states.

Going on to point out that nymphomaniac is defined as a woman ‘affected with excessive sexual desire’ and ‘a woman with abnormal sexual desires’ she declares “We are women with excessive sexual desire for our husbands! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

800,000 visitors have already logged on to the apparently genuine Biblically approved sex site which offers practical advice on topics including finding (and pleasuring) the male G Spot and extremely detailed step by step instructions on ‘Rimming, Anilingus, and Anal-Oral Sex’.

“I wanted to include this in my articles about anal play and anal sex, because some people think Christians don’t practice this,” Ms Christian Nympho explains, “I can assure you that both my husband and myself feel totally at peace about our decision to include this in our love making from time to time,” she explains, “It definitely makes it very SPICY!”

The sexually explicit site is unlikely to go down well in Uganda where authorities this week ordered cops to become more proactive in hunting down gays several months after Ugandan Bishop Luzinda issued a Biblically inspired decree against non procreative sex by gays and lesbians.

"I have been hearing that gays are demanding that the government should legalise their activities,” the Bishop said in June, adding ‘this is absurd because God created a man and woman so that they can produce and fill this world.”

Uganda Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo entered the debate this week, warning that ‘mushrooming’ homosexuality is threatening Uganda’s ‘moral health’.

“We know that homosexuals don't reproduce. There is now a globalisation of homosexuality and people in Uganda are attempting to take advantage of the globalisation. It is an attempt to end civilization,” he warned.

"Who's going to occupy Uganda 20 years from now if we all become homosexuals” the Minister curiously added. (Christian Nymphos on rimming: DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

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