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Defected Trance Out In Goa ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 24, 2008

Defected Records are to host a stage at the upcoming Sunburn Festival in Goa, this December headlined by Shapeshifters, ATFC and ex M People percussionist Shovell.

The UK house label will also be releasing a tie-in triple compilation ‘Defected In the House – Goa 08’ and spoke enthusiastically this week about the prospects for the three day event.

“Of all the festivals around the world none can claim to be as alluring as this. As a location it is inextricably linked with dance music,” Defected’s press release proclaimed, “Goa is the place to rediscover modern rave culture in a free-spirited and untainted environment.”

Their use of the term ‘rave culture’ came days after Government law and order Minister Ravi Naik told reporters ‘we will not allow the drug trade or rave parties to be held this year’ in what’s becoming a traditional pre-season rave crackdown claim. His pledge followed unprecedented bad publicity about Goa’s numerous drug mafias, corrupt cops and hardcore criminals preying on Western backpackers, prompted by the ongoing investigations into the still unsolved murders of Goa backpackers Stephen Metcalfe and 15 year old Scarlet Eden Keeling.

Supporters of jailed in India Irish backpacker Patrick Malluzzo also stepped up their campaign to free him from a 10 year sentence for trumped up cannabis charges this week, persuading his local newspaper the Kilkennyman Advertiser to start publishing a blog written by Patrick.

The one time merchant banker has been locked up for almost five years in Kota Prison in Rajasthan, and described horrific conditions, in his first posting in this week’s Advertiser.

“Again I’ve struggled to sleep. Mainly because I can't stop thinking and worrying about my family, especially mam and dad. Also because it's so humid and I am caged in with people sleeping across my feet and across my head. So when someone moves in their sleep as they do you really feel it,” he wrote.

“There is a nightly chorus of 80 men snoring, farting, coughing, talking or screaming. I also worry if I’ll be attacked in my sleep? Due to me being the only foreigner- will they try to rape me tonight? As on a daily basis I get comments on how attractive my fair skin is,” said Patrick.

Patrick’s prison was singled out as being particularly brutal by the India Human Rights Report 2005, which spoke of guards raping and even murdering prisoners.

"In 2004, there have been reports of torture, rape and custodial death by Rajasthan Police,” the report said.

"The conditions of the prisons in Rajasthan were deplorable. There were serious shortages of staff. Ailing prisoners at the Kota Central Jail have reportedly been inhumanly tortured at a prisoner's ward in a hospital at Kota,” the report added.

This August, the Times Of India reported serious violence breaking out at Kota, as well as five prisoners being hospitalized ‘after their condition deteriorated following a two-day long hunger strike in protest against extortion of money by jail staff.’ (Free Patrick Maluzzo petition: Write to Patrick at : Patrick Malluzzo, Kota Central Jail, Kota, Rajasthan, India) (Fair Trials Abroad: Patrick; the full story: how he was convicted: VERY Scary stuff!!!!! CURRENT SITUATION ‘Patrick is kept in a cell with 54 other inmates. They sleep head-to-toe on the stone floor. He is in poor health and has been to hospital a number of times. He has contracted malaria and has rat bites on his body. He is also currently receiving treatment for depression due to his ordeal and treatment for chronic urinary tract infections . . .’) (Sunburn Festival, Goa India.  27th - 29th Dec ‘08)


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