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Sex On The Beach Brit Shocker ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 31, 2008

Dubai prosecutors have appealed against the ‘lenient’ 3 month prison terms given to ‘Sex on the beach’ Brit duo Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, meaning the couple could find themselves sentenced to even longer when their appeal is heard on November 18.

The out on bail pair’s plight worsened as a new study of 1,000 Brits abroad revealed that over one in four of all ages having had sex on a beach, with more than one in three under 30s (36%) doing the same.

“The Dubai case has attracted worldwide media attention, but this survey goes to show that the practice is far from unusual,” study chief Andrew Gibson, director of commented.

“The consequences of having sex on a public beach are obviously far more serious somewhere like Dubai than they would be in a European country, If you can’t resist alfresco whilst on holiday, then perhaps renting a private holiday home is the best way to avoid getting caught,” he urged.

Brits abroad portal, meanwhile, published a detailed guide to dealing with Dubai cops this week, which warned that even kissing in public can result in ‘a very tough time potentially’, with local police also unusually easy to offend.

“Never ever, ever display any form of negative attitude in front of a police officer.  You must remain subservient, utterly polite and humble at all times if you want to stand a chance of a positive outcome to the situation,’ the site warned.

“If you can cry and visibly show how upset you are by the situation, so much the better,” the site advised.

Quite how uncontrollably people should cry remains unclear, though a study by British psychologists published in 2006 said Brit girls at least, prefer men to stay reasonably manly.

“We have found that the right way to cry is to show you have a strong feeling, but with a moist eye and single tear,” study chief Professor Stephanie Shields told the Independent.

“Outright crying is typically more negatively evaluated than the moist eye which shows the intensity of tears but also shows you are in control of yourself,” she added.

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