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Judge Jules & Jonty Skrufff’s Trainwreck Smash ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on November 4, 2008

Judge Jules and Jonty Skrufff have collaborated together for the first time on a new track called Trainwreck which is coming on out on Jules’upcoming artist album Bring The Noise in January.

The high-energy peak-time track combines Jules’ trademark  tech-trance riffs with Jonty’s rocking electro-disco-tech beats and has already been tried and tested on both DJs’ radically different audiences.

“I can honestly say it’s the first proper trance track I’ve ever played,” says Jonty, “But I must say, seeing everybody screaming and throwing their hands in the air, has changed my whole vibe towards the genre. Not that I’m planning on turning into a trance DJ just yet,” he stresses, “but in the future, who knows,” he jokes.

The duo have collaborated together on different projects for a number of years, with Jules featuring Skrufff’s syndicated sex, drugs and alternative politics angled news stories on his site since 2003 as well as inadvertently inspiring Jonty to start DJing one year later.

“Jules took me for a night out with him at Judgement Sunday in Ibiza where I hung out in the DJ booth at Eden and generally experienced the whole superstar DJ trip, which made me say ‘yes’ when I got offered a random gig in London one month later,” he recalls. “The gig was at Hoxton Bar & Grill’s Golf Sale- which later become Boombox- it was a massive success and I was totally hooked. Since then I’ve gone on to tour Brazil four times as well as China and Japan and also DJed at Judgement Sunday two years running as well as Pacha in Ibiza several times.”

“Trainwreck is my first production and I’m absolutely delighted that Jules has got involved,” he adds.

“Jonty’s enthusiasm, experience and talent shines through in his writing, DJing and now production and when he asked whether I was up for making a track together I jumped at the chance,” said Jules.

“As a DJ, he’s focused on the more alternative, underground sounds of electro, techno and bassline than I am but he’s been sending me his DJ mixes for ages and I always listen to them in the car going to gigs”.

“When I heard his first draft of Trainwreck, I immediately had an idea for making it work for my dance-floors, and I’ve been getting great reactions with the new mix everywhere I’ve played it so far,” Jules adds.

“Jules has really added that certain X factor to my original version, turning it into a screaming monster tech-trance anthem that seriously works,” Jonty confirms, “We’re also already working on new tracks together, with more to come in the future.”

Judge Jules’ new album Bring The Noise is out on Nebular/Maelstrom Records in January 2009.

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