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Berlin TGs Take to The Streets (November 22) ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on November 20, 2008

Berlin’s annual Transgender Day Of Remembrance parade will take place on Saturday November 22 this year and this week organisers issued a clarion call for supporters to join the protest.

“It's not a fun-parade. We demonstrate with rage against a society system, which observes normally only men and women and hides all other sexes and genders,” they said in a statement posted on their Myspace page.

“We want to go on the streets to remember the victims of trans*phobic violations and murders, to remember and celebrate the deceased trans*gender and their work - do something political against repression from government, church and the justice system, as well as to achieve something against trans*phobie in the minds of people and against discrimination of trans*gender and queer live style and politics,” they added.

The parade is one of dozens happening worldwide to mark the still unsolved murder of TG Rita Hester, who was stabbed to death in America in 1998.

“We demonstrate for a better, free life, in a society which includes everybody whatever their gender maybe,” the parade organizers added, ““Whether they are trans*, whatever, crossdresser, transvestite, transsexual, transidentic, with surgery or without, hetero-/homo- or whateversexual, with one or more partner(s), with kids or without.”

London underground techno legend Alex Silverfish changed sex in 2004 and immediately found herself targeted by viciously homophobic Bengali gangs who roam the public housing estates outside her Bethnal Green home.

“I feel a mixture of pain and numbness, because as recently as today I was the target of hateful people,” Alex who committed suicide this summer, told Jonty Skrufff in 2006, “We live in a society of resentment, rejection of freedom and homophobic hate.”

“A mixture of new age gangster-ism and religious fundamentalism is the biggest trend with the new generations,” she continued, “And often the more extreme flanges of terrorists and fascists of every type and provenience are born with the wealthiest backgrounds, in free countries and from so called good families.”

“Their childish rejection of the freedom they’ve been fed as kids and today’s macho culture has produced monsters that undermine our lifestyle, polluting it from the very base.”

“Experiencing aggression and receiving hate has been a constant for quite a few years, so much so that maybe I’m almost becoming used to the daily abuse,” she concluded.

“Walking a lifetime with the gaze pointing down is, at the moment, the best safe-choice of many gays, lesbians and transsexuals in a country that apparently guarantees freedom around the world,” she added. (Berlin’s parade starts at Friedrichstraße/Kochstraße (2 pm o'clock) on Saturday November 22)

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