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Pascha’s Free Hooker Offer ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on November 21, 2008

Pascha Cologne offered free entry for life to patrons being tattooed with the club’s name this week, in a novel approach to tackling the credit crunch.

German newspaper Express said over 40 regulars took advantage of the offer on the very first day, saving 5 euros admission plus discounts on lap dances. However, newly tattooed customers receive no discounts on sexual services, provided by over 120 prostitutes over 12 floors, the newspaper said.

"My wife doesn't mind," Pascha regular Herbert Manske, 46, told the Express, "I get free drinks all night and can look at all the pretty girls."

Pacha Ibiza chief Danny Whittle admitted a grudging respect for Pascha Cologne’s marketing nous though downplayed the possibility of the Balearic superclub trying anything similar.

“My grandmother works there,” said Danny. “Actually no,” he laughed.

“We’ve not really considered anything similar in terms of discount entry schemes, no,” he continued, “Though to be honest, if someone came to me on the door with a Pacha tattoo- a real one- then I would let them straight in,” he revealed.

He also noted that more than a few Pacha regulars have already gone under the needle, saying ‘wherever we do gigs someone usually comes up and flashes their tat, every one of them a girl.”

“One year in Miami I had three girls in a week flash their tats, and yes that’s tats not t*ts. And one of our biggest selling items in summer is the temporary Pacha tats,” he pointed out.

He was also tranquil about any potential confusion arising between Pacha and Pascha and said they only rarely consider legal action against businesses trying to associate themselves with the massively successful clubbing franchise chain.

“It happens, there are travel agencies and bars with slight name changes but we usually don’t bother,” said Danny.

“It’s about the logo and name together in the correct font that matters. If someone copies that, then we would feel slightly upset. We have only had to threaten legal action on a couple of occasions and they always back down,” he said. (Pascha Cologne daily shows, NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!)

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