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D-List Chief Doesn’t Want Sex In The City ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on November 21, 2008

New York’s East Village Radio (EVR) has cancelled Daniel Nardicio’s cult alternative queer show DList Radio, after Skrufff contributor Daniel chatted explicitly about fancying the station’s sound technician "Joe" during his last programme.

EVR station manager Jorge DoCouto summoned Nardicio to the station and criticized him for producing a show that was ‘inappropriate"’, ‘offensive’ and ‘no good’ before cancelling DList altogether.

“He was seriously going off the handle about how there was no line I wouldn’t cross, no offensive thing I wouldn’t say, which is absolutely untrue. It’s a gay shock jock type show, that’s the format- don’t they listen to radio?” Daniel queried.

“What confuses me is EVR’s official party line is that they’re “community based” and “East Village” yet when I was dressed down I was told our show was too much for the “new” East Village, which caters more to women who moved here to be Carrie Bradshaw than do something interesting,” he complained.

Chatting to Skrufff following the cancellation Daniel admitted he’d become ‘complacent’ in recent months adding ‘perhaps unconsciously I willed it to happen’.

He also stood by his comment on Sex In The City fans moving to New York to emulate Carrie Bradshaw and suggested the show has had a seriously negative impact on the city’s once infamously wild nightlife.

“Sex In The City changed the entire face of New York City from being a scary, artistic place that was somewhat difficult to circumnavigate to a city that pretty much it only takes money to belong to,” said Daniel. “When that happened, people who had money just came in and bought their way into coolness.”

“It’s also impacted on the gay scene dramatically, nowadays it’s much more fashion-y, but in that I-Can-Just-Go-Out-and-Buy-Fierce kinda’ way,” he added. “Because the show had such a strong emphasis on labels and product placement, it meant people who are insecure felt they could just buy the wildly overpriced stuff and somehow belong. But that’s not style, it’s just clothes.”

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