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DJ Bone Blasts Arms In the Air DJs -

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 10, 2008

Detroit techno type DJ Bone dismissed DJ Magazine's top 100 DJ poll as 
a 'popularity contest' based on marketing and hype, this week and had 
an even bigger pop at DJs using laptops such as Sasha.

"I developed my three turntable technique to specifically create two 
things that I think are missing in most DJ sets . . . excitement and 
the unknown," he told Chinese portal Shanghaiist.

"I felt that there was always a lack of action, that the DJ was just 
acting as a human jukebox or "record-player". They drop the needle and 
start cheerleading to the crowd to cover up the lack of excitement 
they could produce physically," he moaned.

Definitive superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold saw it somewhat differently 
when he chatted about the secrets of his success in an interview with 
Mixmag earlier this year, pointing out the legions of DJs copying his 
arm waving antics in recent years.

"Mixmag used to slag the DJ off for having their arms in the air and 
now EVERY DJ does that," Oakey suggested, " Of course it's about the 
performance. At the end of the day we're all up there doing a show," 
he added.

US superstar Christopher Lawrence (who was excluded from DJ Mag's Top 
100 last year over voting irregularities) spotted a different aspect 
chatting to Skrufff in an interview in 2002, suggesting that national 
characteristics played a bigger role.

"I was playing at Cream a while ago and was chatting to an American 
couple and they asked me 'Have you noticed that everybody here dances 
with their arms? 'Watch, when you go back to the States, people use 
their arms and their legs but over here they only use their arms.," he 

"I'd never thought of it before, but I saw that people would throw 
their hands in the air when they liked something whereas in the States 
people like to move their legs more; maybe because we're used to 
having more open space. Maybe it's a cultural thing," he suggested. (How to dance at a rave' lessons) ('Syd Barrett: "Waving My Arms In The Air" 
Take 1')

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