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‘Disco Nouveau’ London’s‘ Next Big Thing’- Official ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on January 6, 2009

Top UK trend bible the Sunday Times declared disco to be London’s new New Rave this week, suggesting office parties and hen nights are set to dominate the lifestyles of ‘cool kids’ in 2009.

“Disco nouveau is here and it's time to party,” declared Sunday Times style hack Hanna Hanra, “Whereas “cool” music scenes are often the preserve of kids taking drugs in dark corners, disco is camp and bright and sparkly and opportunist. Anyone can shake a tail feather to the anti-ageist, happy-go-luckiness of a disco tune,” she enthused.

Singling out nouveau disco champions including Erol Alkan and Dan Beaumont from Disco Bloodbath, the leading London fashion DJ also name-checked Abba and the Village People, stressing ‘many of the tunes played are comfortingly familiar from the first time around; Which makes the trend much more accessible,” she added.

The Sunday Times’ decision to elevate ‘nouveau disco’ could signal serious trouble for the nightlife niche, however, given the paper’s traditional treatment of their ‘next big thing’ favourites such as electroclash and new rave.

Declaring ‘Rave New World- A bunch of crazy kids in crazy outfits is shaking up the zeitgeist,’ in November 2006, the paper interviewed Super Super magazine Director Steve Slocombe who told them ‘“We think about new rave on a daily basis here,”

“”I can look at a pot plant and think ‘how new rave is that?’” the Art Director added, “And can I wear it? To which the answer is ‘Yes, clearly?’

However, just three months later the 3 million selling newspaper U turned, with a typically brutal declaration in their in/ out fashion column in their Style magazine.

“New Rave Music. Dare we say it? Yes we do. It’s rubbish,” the paper scoffed. (Easy to learn essential disco dancing steps: ) (pro disco dancers- white suits required) (vintage disco gear, includes polyester trousers, platform shoes and ruffled tuxedo shirts)

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