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Skrufff Bites 1

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 6, 2009

Cheap Is Chic: The Price Is Right: Dirty Business: Clowning Around: New Sensation


“The pursuit of exclusive trophies ... is finished. We will now return to reason, decency and discretion.” (Le Figaro/ The Times)

Alain Nemarq, the chairman of French luxury jewellery company Mauboussin suggests ' the idea that nothing could be too expensive and no profit margin too exorbitant' is redundant (just as Chanel sack 200 staff).


"We all have enough stuff; it's not where our heads are anymore. We're going to value a lot of other things and not buy stuff we don't need.”

Metrosexual champion/ trend spotter Marian Salzman predicts that conspicuous consumption is out.


“If you don’t keep your hair and teeth clean, women will wonder what else you are not washing. American society went through a down phase, when men were much more focused on pleasing themselves, but it’s changing.” (Sunday Times)

US etiquette expert Peter Post, author of a new book, Essential Manners for
Men, says cleanliness is the new Godliness.


"I'm clearly no terror threat or security risk, I'm a kid's clown dressed as a comedy policeman. It was a bit embarrassing to be honest, I had to remove my clown shoes, pantaloons, flashing police helmet - the lot."

Midlands clown Dave Vaughan, 60 aka PC Konk, describing being strip searched by security at Birmingham International Airport after he set off a metal detector as he was about to board a charity flight with 100 disadvantaged kids.


"It's not my responsibility to organise a show and put on a nice show and I'm getting all these questions about drugs, hey I'm not making drugs, we're making a show." (Sydney Morning Herald)

Melbourne mega event organizer Duncan Stutterheim refuses to accept blame for Australian ravers’ drug decisions at his (mega successful) 40,000 sold out Sensation NYE party.

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