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Cocaine Crazed Bees Run Amok -

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 6, 2009

Australian scientists who dabbed doses of cocaine on bees’ backs has discovered that the coked up insects behave just like humans on the drug, talking too much and losing their inhibitions, the Guardian reported this week.


“Rather like a cokehead in a crowded nightclub, cocaine made the bees much more enthusiastic communicators,” study chief Dr Andrew Barron from Macquarie University in Sydney told the newspaper, “This was not simply because they were generally more energetic: the extra enthusiasm was in order to communicate with nest mates,” he added.

The bizarre findings could have unsettling implications for America’s cocaine capital Miami, where reports of out of control psychotic bees have regularly surfaced in the media since 2005.

Chatting about the prospects of killer bees disrupting parties at the Winter Conference the same year, prog/ trance type Dave Seaman was sanguine, arguing ‘there are so many parties going on in Miami, what are the odds of the killer bees arriving at your party rather than somebody else’s?” though admitted his wife was less relaxed.

“She’s absolutely petrified of bees to the extent that she goes hysterical if one comes within a hundred yards of her,” Dave told Skrufff, “She’s not coming to Miami with me anyway and definitely not if there are any killer bees anywhere nearby.” 

Quite how killer bees behave on cocaine remains unclear, though given that they’re notoriously aggressive to start with, any such combination could prove tragic. (Cocaine; National Drug Intelligence Center
Florida Drug Threat Assessment: ‘Cocaine, both powdered and crack, poses a serious threat to Florida. The drug is readily available, commonly abused, and its distribution and abuse are more often associated with violent crime than any other illicit drug in the state . . .’)

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