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Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 26, 2009

Scottish art-rockers Franz Ferdinand unveiled details of their upcoming third album ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ this week, and revealed that they’re ditching their ‘big sounding stadium rock’ that helped them sell 5 million units of their previous two albums.

“I’m really bored by all the guitar music,” guitarist Nick McCarthy told the Times.

“It’s gone. It’s finished. It’s all over. There has to be something new again now. All these high-sounding guitars – that can’t be it. On ‘Tonight’ we’re embracing synthesizers, electronics,” he revealed.

However, top Guardian critic Ian Gittins promptly demolished FF’s claims in a review of their showcase gig at London’s Heaven this week, branding the Scottish four piece ‘rock's coolest control freaks’.

“Franz Ferdinand are back, but their advance publicity has been distinctly misleading,” he declared, “Any radical changes in musical direction are notable only by their absence.

“Tonight, as ever, the only nightclub Franz Ferdinand are transporting us to is a 1980s student disco,” he said.

Meanwhile in the Observer, music journalist Miranda Sawyer hailed the rise of female pop stars like Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse over indie rock boy bands and suggested the ‘Ladypoppers’ use of synths was a significant factor.

“ Thom (Yorke) et al have dominated UK rock for so long now that every male-only indie band can't help but play by their rules. And those are (yawn); musicianship is key; don't care about what you wear; making an effort with promotion is akin to selling your soul; angst is all,’ she declared in her latest column in the Observer.

“These women (ladypoppers) announce the ‘Return of the Synth’,” she declared.

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