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Skrufff Bites 1 & 2

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 26, 2009

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This Is The End; Tech-No: Sex Aid: Mummy’s Boy: Diamond Death

“Nightclubs shouldn't last forever, they're not theatres." (The Independent)

Layo Paskin prepares for the end of the end.


“Some people are saying it’s the death of minimal, but I guess if we were out there just playing minimal records I would have to worry about it, but even through the whole ‘”minimal hype” we continued to play some house and sometimes I can still get pretty techy,” (BigShot Magazine US)

Richie Hawtin distances himself from minimal.


"Economic aid would be judicious." (China Daily/ WAZ newspaper)

Uwe Kaltenberg from Germany’s erotic trade federation plead for government assistance to help the sex industry, following collapsing sales of porn DVDs.


“I was doing music, but when I left school at 15 my mother turned around and said ‘you have to get a proper job. So that’s why I became a chef.” (SXNews Australia)

Paul Oakenfold looks back on his teenage years.


“Until we can establish exactly how this man died we are urging anyone who has bought one of these tablets in the Winchester area in the past 48 hours to please be careful and not take it. All controlled drugs carry risks but we just don’t know how dangerous these pills are. If you have one or are offered one then don’t take the risk.”

Winchester Det Insp Jo Smith warns locals to avoid diamond shaped pills being sold as ecstasy, after a homeless Polish man was found dead after taking a pill.

Skrufff Bites (2)

Man To Man: Take Your Pick: Another Country: : In Cold Blood: King’s Ransom

“Don’t get fuckin’ married. And lie till you die.” (Elle Magazine)

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler offers advice for men thinking of proposing marriage.


"Pick your man. Don't wait for him to find you. Flirt and then some. However much you think you are flirting, double it." (Guardian)

Sunday Times journalist Shane Watson offers direct dating advice in her new book ‘How To Meet A Man After Forty’.


“She is worried about the public footpaths running through Guy’s Ashcombe estate and feels his London home is alarmingly close to the recent protests in the capital which turned violent.” (Daily Mail)

 Daily Mail reporter Katie Nicholl reveals that Madonna is enhancing security measures in England after her name appeared as a target on various extremist websites.


“There must have been a reason. They generally don’t murder girls they rape.
It’s not considered a serious crime over there and it’s very difficult to prove.” (

Fiona McKeown, mother of raped and killed 15 year old Brit girl Scarlett Keeling suggests her daughter might have got involved with local drug mafias in Goa.


"He has written a book that slandered the king, the crown prince and Thailand and the monarchy." (BBC)

A Thai judge explains why he sentenced Australian writer Harry Nicolaides, 41, to three years in jail for insulting the monarchy in a self published novel he wrote four years ago which sold just 7 (seven) copies. Mr Nicolaides has already been locked up since August when he was detained at the airport.

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