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UK Outlaws Extreme Porn (& Furries) -

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 30, 2009

Owning ‘extreme’ pornography became illegal in the UK this week, in a new crackdown on internet porn.

“The law bans pornographic images which depict an act which threatens a person's life or would cause serious harm to the anus, breast or genitals, regardless of whether the scenes are real or acted,” the Guardian explained.

“There are also bans on depictions of sex with animals or corpses,” the newspaper noted “Regardless of whether the animal or corpse is real.”

The new ban is likely to cause dismay amongst Britiain’s growing number of ‘furry’ enthusiasts; people who enjoy having sex dressed in fake fur animal costumes. The group were singled out by the Metro newspaper in October, when the paper urged their readers to ‘forget dogging’ because '’furring' is the new sex craze for perverts'.

Brunel University Professor Julian Petley also fiercely attacked the extreme porn laws when they were first proposed in 2007, arguing that the legislation could have dire consequences for people possessing the newly illegal images.

“Those found guilty risk three years in jail, or a hefty fine, or both. They will also be put on the Sex Offenders Register, and thus have their lives wrecked,” the Professor noted, “Frightening people into behaving ‘properly’ and appeasing the moral authoritarians has always been at the root of this measure,” he added. (

The new laws could also frighten the 41 people who were hospitalized in the UK last year after having a ‘close encounter with a goat’, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents revealed this week. 14,000 more Brits were also treated for ‘compromising vegetable-related injuries’, Metro reported, with several others injured by feathered friends.

“We've had a number of people injured by the Christmas turkey,” Dr Andrew Dove of Nottingham University Hospital told the tabloid, “One patient suffered a fractured skull after a frozen turkey fell on their head.'

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