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Mentally Ill Tiesto Fan Explains His Actions -

Reported by Tristan Ingram on February 25, 2009

A schizophrenic Canadian DJ who attacked a doctor at his closed hospital in order to attend a Tiesto concert contacted Skrufff licensee site this week and posted a length explanation of his actions.

24 year old bipolar sufferer John Candor had been locked up in a closed hospital after threatening to kill his mother and attacking her, following an long period of mental illness. Learning that his hero Tiesto was coming to town last July, he assaulted his psychiatrist in a bizarre but successful scheme to gain release,

Speaking about the incident at the time, he told the Herald Chronicle, ‘I have no remorse, all I did was do what I had to do to see my favourite musician of all time and I’d do it all over again if I had to,” though this week attempted to clarify his behaviour.

“It was simply out of desperation. I was looking for solutions at the time and one of the guards at the hospital I was staying at said if you want to get out just attack him  (the psychiatrist) so the ideas sort of came from there, unfortunately,” said John.

“Anyways he wasn’t hurt and my intention wasn’t to injure this psychiatrist it was just to get out of the hospital,” he said, “I did what I had to do to get there, to me it was an act of passion,” he explained.

In his long letter John also apologised for attacking his mother, declaring ‘I do have a mental illness but I am not a violent person’.

“The (choking) incident with my mother was completely unrelated and she understands that using drugs can affect my illness as well as the fact that I have an illness which means that I may be off on days and the days leading up to the incident she was worried and tried contacting mental health as well as the police and my probation officer and nothing was done.

“I am EXTREMELY remorseful for what I did to my mother and I’m glad she’s okay and we’re getting along now,” he said.

He also invited readers to contact him via Facebook (under the name ‘John Candow’) though urged correspondents to refrain from writing ‘hateful comments’.

“Remember: PLUR. I try to follow the raver code of PLUR but sometimes situations come up where I lose control. Now I’m trying to stay away from street drugs so I can be in control and succeed in my career,” 
John added. (Read John’s full letter to

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