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Scottish Knife Crime Explodes -

Reported by Tristan Ingram on March 4, 2009

A new UN report comparing death rates between countries announced last week that Scotland’s murder rate is the ‘fastest-rising in Western Europe’, and the joint highest in Europe (alongside Portugal and Finland).

Politicians from all parties blamed Scotland’s ‘"booze and blades" culture, the Daily Record reported, which led to a 30% rise according to the latest data.

"Knife crime is not a new problem in Scotland,” said a spokesman from the Scottish Executive, “Too many Scots, especially young men, feel the need to carry a blade under the delusion that it offers them protection.”

Two years previously the UN branded Scotland ‘the most violent country in the Western world’, an accolade that Slam producer Orde Meikle admitted he wasn’t surprised by.

“Gang culture seemed to fade away a little bit during the nineties, but in Glasgow it never faded too far, and it’s really back with a vengeance at the moment. It seems to be very much the cool thing to do is to be part of a gang,” Order told Skrufff in an interview in 2007.

“You do hear about quite a lot of incidents and it has always has been a rough old town though I didn’t realize that the UN statistics bore that out,” he continued.

“You’ve always been aware that Glasgow has a violent side to it, but I ‘d like to say that though it may sound bad, violence is not around you all the time, you are not constantly aware of it.”

“A good friend of ours who ran the label for many years got his two front teeth knocked out for stepping into a kind of domestic between a couple, and Stuart (McMillan) and  (label boss) Dave Clarke have both been in a fracas in a bar where Dave broke his hand – Stuart had to sort them out. I think everybody in Glasgow has probably been involved in a fracas at some time or other, it happened to me when I was at school,” he added.

Two years on Slam are back at the top of the techno tree, via a punishingly powerful (excellent) production that’s won massive support from the likes of Deep Dish, Anja Schneider. The just released track is called Hot Knives. (Listen to Hot Knives here)

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