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Judge Jules - Bring The Noise Album - The Big Interview

Reported by Tristan Ingram on March 4, 2009

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The Big Interview with The Judge....

1: Do you feel that you've achieved what you set out to with this album?
Yes. I am lucky to play a wide variety of venues, some over 5,000 capacity, some 1,000+ and some under 1,000 and you need a variety of different sounds to play these gigs so that’s what I’ve tried to do with this album - make it comprehensively accessible whatever the circumstance.

2: How would you describe the sound of the album?
I’m not one for getting into lengthy and airy (dare I say pretentious) descriptions of my productions, suffice to say it’s representative of my sound when I play out.

3: Would you say your music policies as a DJ are accurately reflected in your production?
Absolutely. It would be strange if I suddenly came out with a dubstep album, I think.

4: Has there been a definitive career highlight for you so far?
Rather than list a huge shopping list of the truly amazing places, parties and occasions I have played at I would just say the highlight of my career is to still be lucky enough to be playing out every weekend after twenty years behind the decks.

5: Can we expect more artist albums to be released in the coming years?
I’d love to make more albums, but making one is a very slow process and one not easily come by.

6: What do you feel about the scene at the moment in terms of the quality of musical output?
I think the scene is very healthy, in fact the whole of the dance scene seems to be doing very well at the moment. I was talking to some of my older peers (for want of a better description) recently, who agreed that dance music seems to do much better in a recession, for some reason.

7: How packed is your DJ schedule looking? Where are you off to?
I’ve just got back from a packed weekend in Chicago and Las Vegas, and next I’m off to Slovakia, San Francisco and Holland, for Trance Energy. You can check my dates here

8: Are there any upcoming shows that you're particularly looking forward to? What are your plans in Ibiza this year?
Judgement Sundays will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this summer so I’m really excited about the parties we’ll be putting on at Eden, and also the ‘season warm ups’ in the UK throughout May. You can check out the Judgement Sundays line ups on our new website

9: Preferred method of mixing: vinyl, CD's, Ableton, Tractor?


10: All time favourite club to perform in?

Judgement Sundays, or Gatecrasher.

11: Favourite Producer of the moment?

Will Atkinson.

12: Secret weapon in your record box?

Obama - Acapella

13:What's your worst experience behind the deck's?
Being attacked by security who worked at the venue. Very unpleasant.
14: Where can we find more info about you?