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Trackitdown's One For The Weekend - Bursting With Belters!

Reported by Ben Stroud on April 17, 2009

Hello everybody,

Hope that you have all had a great week out there, and that you have been keeping up with us on Twitter! We are constantly Tweeting the latest and biggest belters as we hear them on there, so make sure you join in the fun at!

In the meantime, we have been rounding up the biggest and best belters from all the major food groups in time for the weekend! It's One For The Weekend Time, get involved!



Various Artists - Pacha Classics - Trackitdown

This is the Best Classic compilation we have been delivered EVER! Every tune on here is a classic our highlights that are turned up to full blast in the office are Big Love, Alison Limerick, Sandy B, Delacy, Stardust, Soul Central, Shakedown and Kings Of Tomorrow. 59 classic tunes 3 mixes for £9.49 is bargain if i ever saw one!



Mixhell - Boom Da (Crookers Remix) - New Judas

NEW CROOKERS ANTHEM! Mixhell presents Boom Da on New Judas records. 6 mixes on this release to check out. Our winner is the Crookers remix. These guys had a massive smash with Day & Night on Ministry Of Sound records and now bring some of those flavours to this remix.


Indie Funky:

La Roux - In For the Kill (Lifelike Remix) - Kitsune

LA ROUX HOUSE REMIX! The awesome Kitsune camp deliver a brilliant new disco version of the massive hit In For The Kill which is riding high in everyone's playlist right now. Beautiful vocals and space age production makes this a party classic that we love heaps more than the original mix you'll hear on Radio One. Thrilling!



Hoxton Whores - Devil Toy - Hoxton Whores

TIESTO PLAYLIST! Those party animals the Hoxton Whores are back with another smash hit. Here they take on the the catchy riff of Sandy B - World Go Down and the outcome is a winner. Funky jacking tribal beats here combined with the killer riff the outcome is spot on!


Funky Tribal:

Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke feat Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind - Axtone Records

Massive producer link up with Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback and the voice of Deborah Cox. Leave The World Behind You is HUGE! This is 100% going to be a 2009 Ibiza Anthem get it now


Funky Progressive:

Albin Myers - Times Like These (EDXs Indian Summer Mix) - 3Beat Blue

This track is the currently Number 1 in our chart but here come the remixes. This hot remix comes from EDX who has had support from the likes of Judge Jules, Tiesto and just about every other funky progressive house DJ. Big killer indie style breakdown with the EDX wand waved over the top!


Electro Progressive:

Paranoid Soul - Get Funky (Carlos Fox Remix) - Perikles Records

Paranoid Soul The project aka Adri Marx and Luciano C arose in 2008 because the union of two friends who wanted something more than just playing in clubs and parties. Here is their latest release Get Funky. 5 mixes to check out on this release. Carlos Fox's progressive mix is our winner


Electro Jacking:

Anthony Ross & Justin Allen ft Autumn - Infectious (Callum B Remix) - Big Fish Recordings

Lazy Rich's label Big Fish up next with Infectious by Anthony Ross & Justin Allen with vocals from Autumn. This is a serious electro track full of jacking beats and electro stabs and plenty of glitch. If your into Plasmapool you will love this!


Deep Tech House:

Tempered DJs & Si Palmer - The Wire (Tempered DJs Exclusive) - Manchester Underground Music

TRACKITDOWN EXCLUSIVE!! Number 5 in the MUM series and it's an absolute stormer! Tempered DJ's team up with Si Palmer for this deep and proggy laced tech workout that has seen support from Mark Knight and many more! Grab this exclusive weapon for the weekend right NOW!


Tech House:

Nick Hook - Enhanced (James Harcourt Remix) - Distinctive Records

Now here is a label that has been running for a very long time, as you can see by the number 182 in the catalogue number field! They get right upto speed here with a great remix from Twisted Frequency's James Harcourt! Deep and progressive with a tough and tribal groove - Top drawer shizzle here!!


Progressive Tech House:

Jody Wisternoff - Starstrings (Tocadisco Remix) - Dirty Soul

Loving this new release on Dirty Soul! Jody Wisternoff has had more hits than Winehouse on a Friday night and this looks destined to follow suit! A funky and progressive laced house track with some cool vocals to appeal to a wide audience, we like this so give it a listen!


Tribal Tech House:

Reboot - Mirasierra - Cocoon Recordings

More grade a beats from the leaders of the tech scene! Yes it's those people at Cocoon once again and Reboot are at the helm for this great double header! 'Mirasierra' is a real tribal outing with plenty of swung percussion loops, a funky bassline and an irresistable groove!


Hard Tech House:

Pig & Dan - Costa Rica - Pickadoll

PIG & DAN SINGLE!! yes it's the masters of all things tech and here they are ion John Dahlback's Pickadoll label with a huge double header! 'New Bound' is the more tech house flavoured track while the flip is much darker and aimed more at the pure techno heads! A great release from the hottest producers on the block!


Funky Hard Techno:

K.E.N.Y.U. - Dirt (Ian Void Remix) (Exclusive) - Work Hard Play Hard

TRACKITDOWN EXCLUSIVE!! Brand new release here from the Work Hard Play Hard crew and a rocking 3 tracker of pumping techno! Ian Void is on hand to supply this banging mix which is the hardest of the bunch but still retains that funky edge that we love! Grab this exclusive weapon now!


Funky Techno:

Peppelino - Casablanca - Sub Cult

Oh yes, the funky techno just keeps on rolling in here at TID! Subcult is one of those labels that has been hugely impressive since day one and this release is going to do their reputation no harm at all! Peppelino is on fire, as per usual, and lays down this tough, tribal and funky workout - Check the key changes - LARGE!!


Tribal Techno:

Raul Mezcolanza - Mambo (Prude Polly Remix) - Kazoo Records

Wicked new release here on Kazzoo and one that contains tracks and remixes from some of our top selling techno artists! Raul Mezcolanza provides the original and Prude Polly lays down this tribal and intense re-work that we are loving! 6 tracks in total here...


Trance Album:

Various Artists - A State Of Trance 400 - The Celebration Edition - Armada

ASOT 400th EDITION!! The world's number 1 DJ celebrates his 400th edition of ASOT with this massive collection on Armada! Signum, Schulz, Sied van Riel, Sean Tyas, Gareth Emery, all the A list artists are here! Grab this amazing bundle for £7.49 and save over £20 - ESSENTIAL!!


Tech Trance:

Mat Zo - Equinox - Soundpiercing

TRACKITDOWN EXCLUSIVE!! Mat Zo has been climbing up the trance ranks over the past 6 Months and has proved he is an artist to watch in 2009! Here he debuts on the legendary Soundpiercing with this massive double header, uplifting and techy all the way, a MUST PURCHASE!!


Progressive Tech Trance:

Marco V -Unprepared (Full Prepared Mix) - In Charge Recordings

NEW MARCO V TUNE!! One of the most in demand DJ's and Producers in the scene is back on his own InCharge label with another genre defying track! Proggy tech trance with some truly amazing vocals! As per with all of Marco's stuff this ROCKS the dance floor, trust us! RECOMMENDED! 3 versions on offer too...


Uplifting/Progressive/Tech Trance:

Mark Norman vs. Hole In One - Life's Too Short (2009) - Black Hole Recordings

BIG TUNE ALERT!! For those of you who remember the original of this track, you will be equally as excited as we were when we saw this land on our page today!! Mark Norman takes this absolute classic and works his magic to bring it right upto date! This will be MASSIVE so don't miss it!!


Progressive Trance:

Bellrock - Aromatic - Deep End (Fektive)

The Deep End label have been massively impressive of late and have been unleashing some of the finest progressive beats on the Planet! Here they draft in Bellrock for an uplifting and progressive slice of greatness! Various mixes on offer too so dive in and get involved!


Uplifting Trance:

Paul Miller pres. Meli - Aeon Flux (Original Mix) - Phoenix Recordings

With an incredible run, Paul Miller is successfully chucking out release after release, signing to the Worlds leading labels such as Armada, Discover and Reset as well as remixing for Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, DJ Shog and many more! Awesome and uplifting track here, check it out!


German Trance:

TP One - The Journey - Toxic Records

GERMAN TRANCE ANTHEM! Peak time full bore European hard trance sounds that'll tickle the fancy of any South West raver. If you love Vandall, Mars, Chuck E, M Zone or any of that gang you are gonna be all over this people. Skipping melodies and that outdoor rave acid vibe that's been driving the party scene for over a decade. Three mixes. RAVE ON!


Hard Trance:

Carl Nicholson & Jody 6 - Let The Music Take Control - Carbon Recordings

JAMES LAWSON REMIX! Where has he been all these years? We've checked TID and this is the first track to have that Lawson seal of approval for 12 months. As one would expect from one of the true heroes of the scene, this is an anthem. Classic diva vocals and skipping melodies elevate any party. STRAIGHT TO THE TOP OF OUR CHART!



Dutch Master - Motion (Unmixed) - Euphoria

DJ KUTSKI EASTER PLAYLIST! The big man at the BBC repped the hardstyle and hardcore scenes to the max on international Radio One last week and this was just one of the highlights. Killer Dutch rave artillery packed with full hardcore attitude. Check the playlist bundle here for more highlights from that man Kutski. Salute sir!



Tom Parr - Missing You (Kye Shand Remix) - Kye Shand

The second mix featured from this brilliant package of bounce meets hard trance euphoria. Kye Shand nails it to the max as warp speed riffs elevate this hard house anthem into orbit and beyond. There are five killer mixes and each one if a winner so waste no time downloading now! HUGE!


Happy Hardcore:

Rescue - The Weekend Has Landed - Hardcore Reborn

HUMAN TRAFFIC SAMPLES! The milky bars are on Rescue as he samples TID's favourite rave film ever. Everyone knows this brilliant speech and will be feeling the love when this hardcore anthem drops. Big sounds from the Hardcore Reborn camp. Anthem!



Noisecontrollers - CTRL.ALT.DELETE (Kasparov Remix) - Q-Dance

Soundtrack to the 25,000 capacity gabba and hardstyle rave In Qontrol. Anyone who knows their hard scene will be au fait with this legendary party from the mighty Q Dance camp. Big sounds and furious beats punish all those who cross the floor. One of a number of smashing mixes.


Hard House:

Ian M, Karl Davis & Defective Audio - Spaceship - Pure NRG Digital

NEW IAN M RELEASE! The Trade legend makes a very rare appearance in the recording studio and who knows how Defective Audio & Karl Davis managed to persuade him!? The result is an anthem plain and simple. Spaceship comes with trademark concrete beats, old skool rave stabs and a brilliant vocal sample about acid house parties in the fields. HUGE!


Hard Dance:

Kidd Kaos and SMG - Shranz Mezcla - Kiddfectious Recordings

NEW KIDD KAOS! Experimental hard techno beats with loads of intricate cut up Mexican sounds and samples from the hottest hard dance producer out there right now. Mind bending and wonky sounds from camp Kidd that'll be blowing brains out at Kiddstock at the end of May. Loving it! JUDGE JULES TRIED AND TESTED ON BBC RADIO ONE!


Old Skool:

Various Artists - Moondance Ultimate Old Skool - New State Music

54 OLD SKOOL AND JUNGLE CLASSICS FOR £9.49! Moondance are the daddies of the old skool rave world. Holding events for many years they have kept the fires buring. Download this bundle and whip yourself into a rave frenzy with some of the biggest tunes in the history of hardcore and drum and bass. SAVE £100 BY BUYING THIS BUNDLE!


Drum & Bass Anthem!

High Contrast - Basement Track (High Contrast's Upstairs Downstairs Remix) - Hospital Records

HIGH CONTRAST 2009 VIP! It's been bashing up the raves around the world on dubplate for a while, but now the 2009 re-lick of the track that brought High Contrast to the fore touches down. Loosely based on The Launch, this melody gets a brand new diva vocal and fresh 2010 production as only High Contrast know how. SUMMER ANTHEM!



Alix Perez - I'm Free - Shogun Audio

PURE DRUM AND BASS EXPRESSION! Perez is one of the main headz in the world of drum and bass production with an incredible discography that covers all the big labels like Metalheadz, CIA and of course the unstoppable Shogun. I'm Free is gritty urban angst blustering through the system that's claimed the scalps of all the big dogs. Dangerous.



Ed Solo - Watch Your Eyes - Sludge Records

HENCH DUBSTEP! Ed Solo has been one of the top drum and bass, breakbeat and dubstep engineers on the scene for time with releases stretching back to the mid Nineties. Here he follows up from the massive Age of Love remix on Sludge that smashed it here on TID (check it!). This is the most dirty of all the dubstep people. BOTH SIDES RUN TINGS!


Jump Up:

Nero - Energy (VIP) - Formation Records

JUMP UP VIP! Nero gets his LFO oscillating to the max with this dutty steamroller of a cut that has us tearing it up at our desks today. DJ SS approved hardcore drum and bass mayhem that is gonna find nuff love from the party junglists out there. BROCK WILD!



Break - Out Of Nowhere - Intrigue Music

NEW BREAK ALERT! Having swept us off our feet in 2008 with the most incredible proper drum and bass business on the block, that man Break continues. Intrigue is a Bristol club night and label and pals with the man himself so what a gift for their second only release. Pure old skool energetic pure drum and bass that is so cool it hurts. SALUTE!



Leviticus - Burial - New State Music

BIG HARD AND HEAVY! The biggest jungle anthem of all time rolls through for the very first time of high quality download and you must own. Written by Jumping Jack Frost and engineered by Optical way back in 1994 this is the AWOL and Notting Hill Carnival anthem to end all anthems. WATCH THIS!


Electro Breaks:

Unknown - Sexy Air - Airport

Another Friday rolls by and yet more party fodder for the weekend courtesy of the Aiport crew! They take their usual route down the electro meets breaks route and use a familiar hook to stir up a storm on those dance floors - This is an EXCLUSIVE weapon so do not miss this!!



Costello - Girls Speak Louder (Fredze Freds Catch Up Remix) - Plasmapool

Plasmapool is one of those labels that doesn't like to be kown for just one style of music and they have proved this over the past 12 Months with some stunning electro, tech and breaks tracks doing the rounds! This falls into the latter catagory as FredzeFreds lays down this party fuelled breaks romp!


So there you have it! Hope that you all have a great weekend, and remember, if you can't be good, BE SAFE!