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Kilt Wearing Kid Condemned For Cross-Dressing ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 21, 2009

A Utah high school principal who ordered a 14 year old pupil to remove his kilt to avoid being mistaken for a transvestite was this week forced to apologise following protests by Scottish heritage organisations.

Rocky Mountain Junior High Head teacher Craig Jessop received a dressing down from Weber School District authorities following his unilateral fatwa against tartan skirts, as school District PR Nate Taggart sought to smooth sensitivities.

“Mr Taggart said the district recognises the kilt as an expression of the boy's Scottish heritage,” the Scotsman newspaper reported, “And that it was not inappropriate.”

The latest anti-kilt controversy came less than a year after far right US Christian organization Republican Faith Ministries launched a virulently racist and homophobic assault against kilts claiming ‘the main purpose is that it grants them easy and quick access for fornicating.’

“No real man, not a heterosexual one with a shred of self-respect, Scottish or not, would permit himself to be caught dead in a skirt, unless he was playing the bagpipe while in Scotland, at a historically-themed wedding,” Baptists For Brown 2008 leader Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett exclaimed, “Even then I find his heterosexuality suspect at best.”

“Something must be done to stop this horrendous fashion-do not from making its way into your Christian neighborhood,” Mrs Gaines-Crockett continued.

“I suggest contacting your Senator immediately and inquiring about any laws regarding indecent exposure, which might apply to this disgusting fad,” she urged. (‘The Sissification of Seattle’) (Men in Kilts: ‘Not safe for viewing while at work or for viewing by anyone under the age of 21’ (according to Mrs Gaines-Crockett’)

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