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Drums Of Death’s Religious Conviction ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 21, 2009

Voodoo obsessed new electro star Colin Bailey chatted to Skrufff this week about his alter-ego Drums Of Death and revealed that the genesis of his diabolic zombie emerged when he discovered heavy metal aged 14.

“I grew up in a very religious household. It was a very catholic household. People think this means more than it does, but in my early teens I wanted to be a priest,” he confessed, “I stopped wanting to be a priest pretty much when I started getting into Metallica,” he recalled.

“I was very shy and scared of the world and used to go to Church a lot. I used to find lots of answers there, though I was never blinded. I just found solace in my religion. Utter comfort- everything made sense,” Colin continued, “But once I was pushed out of my comfort zone I realised that the world was more fun: when you didn’t know everything.”

The nowadays 29 year old producer launched Drums Of Death just over a year ago enjoying immediate success with his debut single Breathe which brought him an immediate album deal with Hot Chip offshoot label Greco-Roman. His live performances dressed in full face paint zombie make-up also brought him instant acclaim so much so that he’s just set off on a massive US tour with Peaches.

“Being outside my comfort zone ties in with me wearing all the make-up, I want people to be pushed off centre. And It pushes me off centre a little because I have to live up to it,” he explained.

“Every time I go on stage I can’t do a half-assed show, I’ve got to embody this ‘thing’.”

The unashamedly ultra-competitive Scotsman also said his religious background remains relevant as a motivating factor.

“There’s a certain fervour that I feel, an obsession,” he mused.

“If you were brought up believing in something so utterly, when that belief disappears all that drive has to go somewhere else. For me it’s music. It was almost a switch,” he said.

“On a good day I’m agnostic. On a bad day I’m utterly, utterly atheist,” he added. (Drums Of Death)

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