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Glade 2009 Update!

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 22, 2009

You see the thing is... The show we're putting on this year is furiously gonna move firmly off the scale... Of course you've got the best electronic music on the planet shaking them stages louder than ever but with the continual observation that Glade is like a dance focused Glastonbury there is, more than ever this year, loads of mind boggling creative diversity across the festival and we thought we might whet your appetite with a few pointers as to the sort of things you can go and get your socks off to...
and some other stuff.

1. Interstella Cabaret and Circus
2. The Rabbit Hole
3. A Wenches Chest
4. Is the villain hanging with the rabbits?
5. Help the UK festival scene....


The Interstella Cabaret and Circus is a new and rather exciting venue that we've created with inspiration from the circus world and has been a long time coming. Not just a party, not just a circus, not just a venue nor just a place to get a drink at the bar... but a place to hang up your inhibitions and get in character, with interactive Side Show booths, 21st century clowns, roving walkabout performers, aerial goddesses and awesome music delivered through the careful guidance of the Worlds Tallest DJ..


Do you like leaping down the hole? Well there's a bunch of idiot rabbit with broken guitars presenting their trademark brand of organized chaos. Back to amaze, confuse, appall and astound with open-mic mayhem, top notch headliners and a wonderland atmosphere, the Rabbit Hole is a festival legend offering mind bending possibilities.

Visited by the adventurous and run by lunatics and falling somewhere between Monty Python, the X factor and a badly out of control genetic experiment it is here to remind you of your own creativity and encourages you to get involved.

So follow Alice and dive deep into the White Rabbit¹s warren of bunny girls, hatters, tea, tarts & potions. Lose yourself in the absurdity of a world where anything can happen and frequently does.

Don¹t be late!


A wenches chest?! I thought this was kid friendly we hear you cry! Well not that kind of chest... It's a pub. Like how they used to make them... A two story wooded reproduction of a 17th century freehouse defying gravity with it's crookedness and full of flaggons of ale, pirate bartenders and drunk poets..


With some lucky folk having already found the Vaudevillain, probably up to very little good, and rolled them dice successfully thereby winning 3 tickets to the Glade he's beginning to get itchy feet and may well move somewhere else... Go find him and maybe you'll be lucky too.. It's a game we're running on the website and when you join in you get to tell us why you like the Glade. Not that we like to blow our own trumpet or anything here's some of the comments...

'Amazing Summer atmosphere and music'
'Being able to dance with thousands of people till the sun rises!!
'I have been every year since it began and I love the fact that its has not been commercialised and still encompassed what a festival should be about, diverse music, freedom, lovely people , great location and a wonderful vibe!'
'trippy pixies and the glade reality bubble'
'Beautiful people everywhere'
'the fact that its not like other festivals'
'The attitude! and the music of course... and the atmosphere and... I know that's not one thing. But it's quite a tricky question!'
'the tea and toast stand first thing in the morning'
'The animals that come out to play at night'
'The beautiful like minded people this place attracts so i can share the most amaznig weekend of art, awe-inspiring music with friends old & new'
'The lineup. Simply incredible. How you bastards do it every year astounds me'
'The raving rabbits!!!!!'...
and so on...


And on a slightly more admin note but one that will help us and other independent festival if you have a few moments please follow this ( ) and answer the questions. Please mention the Glade as the festival you are supporting in the drop down thingy at the top. This is so that we can show the powers that be the truth about festivals when we try and tackle the sometimes unfair charges and red tape that we have to cut through to get festivals into reality! One entrant will be drawn out of the hat will get a pair of tickets on June 2nd so please support the industry by doing this!


Thanks and love from us all at Glade HQ