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Message From Hearty - Monster sound system for hire – literally!

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 27, 2009

The beginning of a new breed in sound systems is upon us...

Glad to be living in these exciting times, I feel we're all vibrating at different levels...the frequency I’m at seems positively mysterious...with love at the root and the realisation of the journey being the destination... Following my intuition, I decided to dedicate my energy into something that serves our blessed kind.... what you see here is the beginning of what i hope brings great inspiration to the masses.

I have been creatively involved for most of my life, painting, sculpting, mixing, playing with ideas that bring me to wide ranging experience. Operating from the heart, i aim to create an ever-evolving landscape of audio/visual wonderment...

Having worked for a short while with the Mutoid Waste Company, whom are renown for some of the best super sculptures of this kind and beyond, I’ve truly realised the potency of positive inspiration, so my aim now is to continue deeper still into the realm of extreme art, holding the intention of maximising the feeling of going to any audio/visual event.

Great music, especially techno has given me access to other worldly dimensions during this infinite was time to make a choice. . .so by following what instinctively felt right I chose to walk a path that had a particular glow...9 hard working months later  ... a new species channelled its way through to our realm...'HEARTY' a love beast from the cosmic swamp

HEARTY :: has taken 9months to create, standing at nearly12ft tall, and 24 ft wide (by 7ft)... weighing in at around 750kg... is made up of 5 major parts, being his 2 arms, 2 legs and his torso.

Aside from his array of speakers that adorn his body, there are 2 large bass cabinets which slot into each arm....with a further 4k external bass cabinets.
All in all Hearty is capable of pushing out around 8k, powered mainly by Turbosound... This is an expanding project, so he will become more powerful. Robustly constructed using fibreglass and leather, he is weatherproof and stable, dressed in his earthly, tribal attire, with built in light beacons, strobes, and smoke machine...this functional sculpture is fully loaded and ready for action . . . He is happy to present himself as a single show, or can be used to adjoin an existing sound system.

HEARTY is a unique medium for sound, available FOR HiRE @ concerts, festivals, clubs, film, theatre, exhibitions & promotions...or indeed anyone anywhere

Please contact Marcus: 07825 223415.