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Tiesto’s Top Tipple Tip ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 28, 2009

Marketing agency eulogised Tiesto this week, noting the affluent 21-45 year old trance fans who flocked to a topless pool session in Vegas recently at which the Dutch DJ performed an unannounced afternoon set.

“The question is, if your job is marketing to younger adults, why aren’t you partnering up with Tiesto?” the guerilla ad agency quizzed, “His crowd loves him, and as big as it is, it’s still underground enough that they’ll go out of their way to support the brands that support him.”

The company’s tip came just as the Las Vegas Sun noted Tiesto’s ‘super palette and drinking routine’ in an article noting his preference for Cabernet Sauvignon and spirits over beer.

“When it’s the beginning of the night and I’m still really sober, I drink a glass of champagne. Then, when I want to kick into next gear, I take a Jager shot, Jägermeister,” Tiesto told the newspaper.

 “When I want to maintain long, I go vodka-apple juice,” he continued, “Anything with alcohol in it is good,” he added.

Tiesto’s relentless rise could be at the expense of America’s previously unassailable superstar rappers, judging by an article in the Wall Street Journal this week which revealed that many are being forced to buy fake jewellery, in response to the credit crunch.

"A lot of these rappers simply don't have the money for real stuff any more," Beverly Hills celebrity jeweller Jason Arasheben complained. "It's to the point where they are wearing imitation jewellery, and that's ridiculous,” he added.

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