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Creamfields Central Europe 2009 – useful information about the campsite area and parking

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 5, 2009

Aeroklub Břeclav in cooperation with the organizers of Creamfields will prepare accomodation for festival visitors for the duration of the event in a mobile campsite and car park at a part of the airfield just next to the venue. The Břeclav area has also many riches, both natural and cultural, so if you decide to spend the whole first holiday week here, there are many things to visit apart from from the Creamfields festival. More information about the campsite area and car park for the festival duration can be found below.

Explanation of the notes on picture:

Festival venue  = hudebni produkce
Car park = parkoviste
Campsite place = kemp
Toilets and catering facilities = stankovy prodej, sprchy + wc


Campsite area:

The mobile campsite area will be located in the part of the airfield behind the car park and festival venue (see the picture). Toilets and catering facilities will be available at the campsite. Accomodation will be possible from 18:00 on 2nd July. Catering facilities will be available from 3rd July at 10:00. As the campsite is mobile, it is not technically possible to provide reservations for tent places, but the campsite capacity will be sufficient and reservations will not be necessary. During the festival production the campsite place will be lit and guarded by a security agency.
After the festival ends, as of 12:00 on Sunday 5th July, the campsite rate will change.
Pricelist for camping from 2nd July 18:00 to 5th July 12:00

Tent (car size)                                        10 Eur
Caravan or tent (caravan size)                15 Eur
Tent (car size)+ car                                15 Eur
Tent (caravan size) + car                        20 eur
Price for camping from 5th July 12:00    10 Eur per day

Car park:

A mobile car park with a capacity of 2.500 – 3.000 cars will be situated alongside the festival venue. Toilets and catering facilities will also be available here. The car park and catering facilities will be open from 10:00 on 3rd July. While the festival is taking place, the car park will also be lit and guarded by a security agency. The car park rate will change from Sunday 5th July at 12:00.

Visitors to the campsite will not use this car park; they will park directly in the campsite.

Pricelist for the period 10:00 on 3rd July till 12:00 on 5th July

Car                                                       10 Eur
Caravan                                                15 Eur
Price of parking from 12:00 on 5th July  10 Eur per day
Contakt: Ing. Mrázik: +420 602 957 931 and e-mail: