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Gossip Singer’s Fat Drug Philosophy ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 23, 2009

US electro-rock superstar Beth Ditto from the Gossip chatted candidly about unilaterally abstaining from drugs this week and revealed she’s so clean-living that people around her conceal their drug use.

“I did ecstasy once — and it ruled — but fat people shouldn’t do drugs. Fat people should certainly not do cocaine,” the outsized singer told the Times.

“It’s not that they’re all unhealthy, but it can be hard on your body, on your heart, so you have to accept you can’t do certain things. I don’t want to die when I’m 38. It’s not worth it,” she added.

Her no-nonsense comments came just over two years after US scientists uncovered a link between high fat diets and ecstasy related over- heating (hypothermia), one of the commonest causes of deaths amongst E users.

Doctors from Ohio Northern University fed rats low or high fat diets for four weeks then gave the rodents pills and examined their body temperatures, discovering a significant correlation, said Reuters.

"One important variable that could trigger a hyperthermic response from ecstasy abuse is your diet," Dr. Jon E. Sprague told the press agency.

Ditto’s words of warning could strike a chord with more-to-love British holidaymakers in Spain, who last year attracted the attention Costa tourist official Marina Martinez for snubbing free keep fit aerobic classes on the beach.

“The classes are intended for everyone but I’m sorry to say it’s the British that could really use the aerobics more,” Ms Martinez told the Guardian.

“The Spaniards and French seem to take care of themselves more, the British spend all day on the beach and then go to Macdonalds for dinner,” she complained.

Australians partying in Spain could also pay attention judging by a report in the Guardian several years ago which revealed that Australia is now vying with America to become the world’s fattest nation.

“The crushing reality is that the average Australian male is more likely to be a flabby couch potato,” the Guardian suggested, “With two out of three Australian men now considered to be overweight or obese.”

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