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Berlin’s Newest Superclub Prepares To Open (Soon) ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 23, 2009

Berlin’s much anticipated new club Dice moved closer to opening this week, issuing a statement via Facebook that they’ve finished construction of one of the last bars.

The central Berlin venue, based in a former Stasi power station in the heart of the city, opened briefly in January immediately drawing packed queues of clubbers outside, though flooding forced the club to close just as it was due to formerly launch.

Dice chief Isan Oral chatted to Skrufff at the time about his vision for the club and spoke enthusiastically about bringing a new international dimension to Berlin nightlife, reflected in their choice of name.

“As soon as we saw this building it made us think of the German word ‘Wurfel’ which means cube but this word doesn’t work in German. So we considered words like Kraftwerk and other German words but we still wanted something new,” said Isan.
“The concept of Dice is that we will be different and more open minded and more international so we decided we needed an English name,” he continued.

“The other important factor was that it’s a name that’s easy to understand and easy to remember. We were always referring to the club as cube then at one point another person said ‘OK, another word for cube is dice’. And that was it.”

“We don’t want to be a second Berghain or E Werk whatever, we want to offer Berlin a new unique clubbing experience,” he added.

“Although this building is a former power station it’s very different, because the rooms are a lot smaller, plus we have a roof terrace for the summer. We have the option to open rooms one by one, either keeping the party small or making it bigger depending on how many people come. If lots of people come we can open different floors, if it’s quieter we can just open one floor,” he said.

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