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Ketamine Burst Bladder Link ‘Worrying’ ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 23, 2009

A new study of ketamine associated health risks has discovered that most urologists in the UK have treated ketamine users with bladder problems including severe pain, haematuria (blood in the urine), incontinence and even kidney failure’.

Medical journal Medical News Today also reported that giving up ketamine failed to reduce most users’ health problems, with two out of three experiencing the same or even worse problems.

"There is a worrying link between ketamine use and urinary tract pathology that is proving difficult to manage,” said chief researcher Dr Angela Cottrell, “A harm reduction strategy to increase awareness of the risks and help people reduce their intake is also needed."

Speaking about the issue in December, Bristol urologist David Gillatt told US news portal GlobalPost he’s treating at least one ketamine user a week, with some requiring bladder surgery.

“Surgery can affect urinary control, you could be incontinent afterwards, you may have to wear a colostomy bag, it can affect your sex life,” Dr Gillatt explained.

“It’s not so much a problem if you are 65, but when your bladder is removed at 25, well some of those people are going to have big problems later on in life,” he added.

In more drugs news, British civil liberties campaigners accused billboard corporation CBS Outdoors of censorship, after the advertising group demanded they change adverts from ‘nice people take drugs’ to ‘nice people take drugs too’, following widespread media coverage though zero public complaints.

“The intellectual debate on drug control has (already) been won,”  Release chief Sebastian Saville told the Guardian, “And we must stop allowing politicians to adopt fundamentalist and unscientific policies solely out of fear of upsetting a handful of moral crusaders,” he urged.

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