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Reported by Ben Stroud on June 23, 2009

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Green With Envy: Oldest Swingers In Frankfurt: Harsher Than Marsh: Car
Trouble: Wet Dream

“The impact of clubbing on the environment is unfortunately very big for the simple reason that international DJs clock up the air miles like nobody else in the world.” (The National, Dubai)

Mixmag editor Duncan Dick criticizes DJs for not being environmentally friendly enough.


"It throbs on weekends from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. with a lithe, young crowd, plus a few aging interlopers." (New York Times)

The New York Times recommends Cocoon club, 'run by Sven Väth, a D.J. 
who specializes in techno music.


“We actually did a DJ battle at Circus once. I had to choose the music for her, and she just stood there in her bikini and Ugg boots waving some pom-poms about. Bless, that poor girl.” (Independent)

London drag queen/ VIP DJ Jodie Harsh is just a teeny bit mean about reality TV star Jody Marsh.


"Drivers are exposing themselves when multitasking. It's absolutely critical drivers focus their full attention on driving and the road around them.” (The Sun)

Will Thomas, head of motor insurance at warns motorists they risk jail if caught having sex while driving, after a survey revealed 11 million Brits have had sex in their cars.


"The drool was all collected from 18-year-old pretty girls when they 
were sleeping. And buyers can pay later after they certified the 
authenticity of this product.”(Hunan Online)

Chinese entrepreneur Zhou launches a new range of products including 
bottles of pretty girls’ drool.

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Oldest Swinger: Party Munster: Fancy That! Stiff Upper Lip:

“I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the late nights at all. I’ll 
still be doing this when I’m 80. Inside I actually feel like a 
teenager still.” (Sunday Times)

40 something F**K Me I’m Famous pop star David Guetta confirms he has 
no plans to retire.


“It’s not acceptable that thousands can spontaneously party and then 
the community has to clean up the trash and pay for the 
consequences.” (Bild, Germany)

Hamburg Interior Minister Christoph Ahlhaus promises to introduce new 
anti rave laws after 5,000 revellers descended on a beach after 
Christoph Stüber, 26, invited 20 or so friends to join him for a party.


'Men do like to show off if they fancy someone – lying or 
exaggerating, talking about how much they earn or what big cars they 
drive.  If they've been focusing on a woman they fancy, concentrating 
on trying to impress, then they're probably still thinking about her 
when it comes to taking these tests.”

Dating expert Peter Spalton comments on a new study showing that men 
perform worse at IQ tests immediately after encountering pretty girls. 


"We're emotional stunted as a country, we're hopelessly buttoned up 
and get embarrassed if people talk to us half the time. There is a 
very peculiar shyness among the British middle class, I mean if you 
catch someone's eye on a Tube, people blush.” (BBC)

Etiquette expert Simon Fanshawe, author of The Done Thing, comments on 
traditional British reticence.


"If people find the culture loathsome they solve the problem by buying 
different stuff. Even in the 60s products were sold as a way of 
dealing with the anomie of consumer society - things like Volkswagens 
that were seen as non-conformist." (Details magazine)

Thomas Frank, author of alternative marketing guide ‘The Conquest of 
Cool’ outlines the economics of protest culture.


“The smallest house will still go for £500,000.” (Sunday Times)

Property mogul John Stone says Ibiza remains largely unaffected by 
Spain’s massive property crash.

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