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Ibiza’s Nouveau Disco ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 23, 2009

London disco club Carwash promised to bring ‘the London and Parisian disco undergrounds to Ibiza this summer’ in a bullish press release announcing their upcoming residency at El Divino.

Offering ‘classic disco’ and live guests such as Sister Sledge, the club said DJs will be presenting both cities’ ‘nu disco movement, using re-edits of the classic disco anthems’.

"We’re swapping minimal noise for dirty bass and funky good grooves,” 
Carwash founder Nigel "The Deckster" Atkins declared, “And some of our famous DJ mates are promising to come and play classic disco and funk sets for us, as long as its all unannounced and spontaneous,” he added.

Carwash’s claim of ‘Ibiza disco revolution’ came just as Daily Telegraph business editor/ club correspondent Edmund Conway eulogized Pacha for its disco heritage (while taking a seriously tough swipe at resident David Guetta’s ‘cheesy’ funky house.

“The spectacle of the club - a cauldron of carefree disco - was what was so impressive,” Conway declared, “There is nothing like the full- on visceral tidal wave you experience at the big Ibiza clubs.”

Irish newspaper the Independent, meanwhile, highlighted the vulnerability of London’s latest musical fad, publishing a story ominously titled ‘the Last Days Of Disco’. However, the report focused on the struggles afflicting Ireland’s much troubled club scene in general, singling out ‘the death of the Superstar DJ’ and one man’s decision to check into rehab (in 2006).

“Blame Colin Farrell,” the paper said, “He’s the man who ruined Irish clubbing.”

“The night the Hollywood star walked up the stairs to the VIP room in Renards and asked for a diet coke, the writing was on the wall for the entire nightclub industry.”

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