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Reported by Ben Stroud on June 26, 2009

: Skrufff Bites (1)
There Goes The Neighbourhood; You’re a Lady, I’m A Man: Abominable Dough Man: Faint Praise: A Nice Pear:

“Thank God Jordan's left Ibiza. Her staying virtually next door to my house, & seeing the island crawling with paps has been no fun at all.” (Twitter)

Judge Jujes complains about Ibiza party monster Katie Price.


"I am a young man and Paris is a young lady. Us talking in a club is just what normal people our age do." (Heat Magazine)

Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo downplays his alleged budding romance with Paris Hilton.


"The Word of God tells us in the old and new testament that the gay lifestyle is an abomination - Not God's will! Hitler said that the lies most easily believed were the biggest, loudest and most repeated." (

Irish priest Mark Bradfield of Bethel Baptist Church compares gay rights activists with Nazis.

"UK music has become very provincial and pub-orientated. It's hard to get too excited about pub rock. The bands look like they're hanging out at the pub and they sound like they are playing in a pub and the subject matter is very provincial and pub-orientated - laddish.” (The

Moby dismisses modern British music for being ‘not sexy but pleasant’.


"You can't walk down the street now without some a**hole shouting, 'Hey - nice watermelons' and trying to see if they are ripe.” (Ananova)

  A spokesperson for a group of Bulgarian women explain why their suing a drinks company for producing a poster with a woman wearing a water-melon coloured bikini above the slogan 'the watermelon season is here'.

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