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Heart Attack Warning For Middle Aged Cocaine Users ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 29, 2009

The United Nations placed Britain at the top of Europe’s cocaine league this week also revealing that up to a third of the cocaine being sold to Britain’s 1 million users now has a purity of 9% or less. Average purity level was 23%, the Times reported, though some samples discovered were as low as 4% (with ‘animal anaesthetics, presumably ketamine, being added).

The UN’s report emerged as British politicians hosted a House Of Commons hearing on the cocaine trade at which drug expert Matthew Atha, warned of increasing numbers of ageing coke users reporting for hospital treatment.

"People in their 40s tend to have weaker hearts than people in their 20s – but they still think they're 20,” Mr Atha, director of the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit told MPs, “People who are continuing to do drugs, when they are getting to those ages, they are more likely to suffer these health consequences,” he warned.

The health warning came over 10 years after American doctors carried out the first large scale study examining heart attacks and cocaine use which discovered that the risk of a heart attack is 24 times higher in the first hour after sniffing a line. Cocaine users amongst the 3,900 heart attack survivors examined in the study were found to suffer attacks 17 years earlier than non users, with the average age of users suffering attack being 44. (Rats on coke cartoon) (Very scary rat drug advert)

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